With all of the love for cats that the Web and the world have basically, folks generally marvel what the numbers inform us about our favourite feline mates. What number of cats are there on the planet, for instance.

What in regards to the habits of cats and their house owners? All of these items have a sample, as some very fascinating cat statistics talked about on this article present. So, in the event you’re curious or simply need to know whether or not you’re alone in letting your cat sleep with you in your mattress, learn on.

Sokoke cat lying down and yawning.
Sokoke cat yawning

103 Newest Cat Statistics

  1. WorldAtlas estimates there are greater than 400 – 600 million domesticated and feral cats on the planet. In all honesty, that feels like a low estimate when you think about that cats type the majority of the Web. Wherever in between appears an inexpensive guess.

2. Of that 400 million, as urged by WorldAtlas, about 375 million are pets. The remaining are feral or stray. Not less than, that’s the finest estimate anybody will willingly enterprise.

3. Merely Insurance coverage estimates that there are round 600 million cats residing on the planet at present. 370 million of these cats are saved as pets.

4. 23% of the inhabitants report having a cat (Supply: GFK World Examine)

Maine coon cats with their tongue out, sitting next to each other.
Maine Coon cats

Cat Adoption Sources

5. In keeping with an ASPCA report, cats are primarily adopted from these sources.

  • Animal Shelter/Humane Society – 31%
  • Buddies/Kinfolk – 28%
  • Breeder – 3%
  • Stray – 27%
  • Non-public Get together – 6%
  • Different – 39%

6. An ASPCA Nationwide Rehoming Survey confirmed that 42% of rehomed cats got up due to problematic behavior (54%) or well being issues (29%).


Most Comon Cat Breeds

7. There’s a distinction of opinion when defining the most typical cat breeds. One supply – the Encyclopedia Britannica, lists solely 15. However the Worldwide Cat Affiliation acknowledges 71. The Cat Fanciers’ Affiliation within the USA listed 46 breeds in 2020, and the Fédération Internationale Féline in France declares there to be 48.

8. Of the pedigree breeds, these have been the ten hottest:

  1. Ragdoll
  2. Unique
  3. Maine Coon
  4. Persian
  5. British Shorthair
  6. Devon Rex
  7. Abyssinian
  8. American Shorthair
  9. Scottish Fold
  10. Sphynx

eleventh place is what the CFA calls the registered companion cat. This kind of cat makes up 95% of the mainstream cat inhabitants in the US.

white ragdoll cat

Cats within the USA

9. The numbers are estimates, however the perfect guess is that there are 60 million home cats residing in properties within the USA, with about 43 million properties having at the least one feline pet. That’s about 25% of households within the US. (Supply: avma.org)

10. The United States has the very best cat inhabitants per capita on the planet with simply over 74 million cats. China has the second-highest cat inhabitants with over 53 million. (Supply: GFK World Examine)

11. On common, cat properties have 1.8 cats. (Supply: avma.org)

Cute cat with sunglasses and bow on white background. USA holida

Feral Cats within the USA

12. There’s a surprisingly large variety of feral cats within the US. One estimate places the quantity at round 32 million. Different estimates put the quantity nearer to 100 million.

13. There are stated to be 94 million dwelling cats in the US.

14. Feminine feral cats have an estimated 1.6 litters per 12 months. Though the lifespan of a feral cat is comparatively brief, it nonetheless poses an enormous drawback for a probably large feral cat inhabitants. As mentioned elsewhere on this listing, the affect on a neighborhood ecosystem could be devastating.

Sadly, most agree that the majority feral cats can’t be tamed and adopted. They are often thought-about wild animals for all intents and functions. (Sources: Nationwide Right this moment/ Bard.edu / tuckahoevet.com / WebMD)

Close up view of a Tabby Maine Coon cat.

Black Cats Appear Much less In style, However Might Not in Truth Be So

15. Traditionally, black cats are the least-frequently adopted cats. Some consider this has to do with conventional superstitions. Others additionally argue that cat adopters typically search extra “photogenic” cats. A sure sector perceives black cats as extra aggressive for unclear causes.

However this statistic might not be as minimize and dry because it first appears. Whereas there seems to be a better price of euthanasia for black cats, deeper inspection suggests it might merely be due to a statistical abundance of black cat genes.

There are statistically extra black cats in shelters than in another colour. This will account for a barely skewed notion that black cats are undesirable. (Sources: Psychology Today / MentalFloss)

black siberian cat

Cats Are a Menace to Different Wildlife

16. Cats are glorious hunters, however their instincts can have a destructive affect on different species of their territory. So far as research present, populations of birds (123 species), reptiles (25 species), and small mammal populations (27 species) have all been threatened by cats. (Supply – Analysis Gate)

17. Nature.com estimates that free-roaming cats might theoretically kill as much as an astonishing 4 billion birds and 22 billion small mammals per 12 months within the US alone. This examine was based mostly on predation charges.

White Maine Coon Ragdoll kitten playing around on the grass.

Cats Can Have 12 Kittens At a Time

18. A cat can have as many as 12 kittens at anyone time. Happily, that is rare. On common, cats have 4 kittens in a litter. They will, nevertheless, have as many as 5 litters per 12 months.

19. Cats might be pregnant for between 63 and 67 days. Crunch the numbers, and also you understand {that a} cat can have as many as 420 kittens in seven years.

20. The most important litter on report is nineteen kittens. Solely 15 survived. (Sources: Worldwide Cat Care, The Spruce Pets, Purina, FactRetriever)

Sokoke kittens lying down together on a matt.

Home Cats Stay Longer

21. Life on the road is tough. The common stray or feral cat lives for somewhat greater than two to 3 years on common. Strays and ferals are additionally much less prone to stay into maturity.

22. Cats in properties with people stay greater than ten years and about 15 years on common for a wholesome cat.

23. Blended breeds are inclined to stay longer than pedigreed purebreds. The oldest cat on report lived for 38 years. Creme Puff lived in Texas. (Sources: PetMD, Wikipedia)

two siberian cats on couch

Folks Like to Undertake Cats

24. A surprisingly excessive proportion of home cats are adopted from shelters within the US – roughly 43% of cats in properties come from shelters. (Soure: HumanePro.org / APPA 2019/2020 report)

25. 21% of cat house owners within the US have adopted strays. (Soure: HumanePro.org / APPA 2019/2020 report)

Homes Are inclined to Have Extra Than One Cat within the USA

26. As talked about, the home that has cats tends to have nearly two on common. Homes with canines usually solely have one canine. (Supply: Spots)

27. There are extra canines than cats in properties within the US. (Supply: Spots)

28. Greater than half the properties in the US have canines, whereas somewhat greater than one-third favor cats. (Supply: Spots)

rottweiler dog and grey cat

Cat Meals and Different Cat Prices

29. The Cat Market is estimated at $14 billion and is rising at a 4-5% CAGR. (Supply: Enterprise Wire)

30. In keeping with the 2020 APPA report, cat house owners spent a median of $228 on cat food in 2020.

31. Vet prices averaged $160, whereas surgical procedures value $214. (Supply: APPA)

32. That very same 12 months, $58 was spent on treats on common. (Supply: APPA)

Veterinarian using a stethoscope to a ginger cat.

33. House owners have been comparatively stingy on cat toys, spending solely $31 on common. (Supply: APPA)

34. For probably the most half, folks spend underneath $50 monthly on their pets, in keeping with a Joybird survey.

35. Folks between 55 and 64 are inclined to spend probably the most on their pets. The following age group to spend on their pets is 18-24 year-olds (Supply: Joybird)

36. In case you are aged 45-55, you could be extra prepared to spend $100+ monthly in your pet. This doesn’t essentially account for medical emergencies and different unexpected bills. (Supply: Joybird)

Cute kitten playing with colorful toy.

37. 21% of cat and canine house owners in the US spent extra on their pets throughout the pandemic. Cat house owners on common spent $687 whereas canine house owners spent $1,201. (Supply: Petfood Business, Cash)

Millennials Personal the Most Cats

38. Millennials are the age group most definitely to personal cats as they make up 31% of the possession pie. (Sources: Pet Meals Processing / Cash)

39. Of that 31%, 82% personal aa canine and 50% personal at the least one cat (Sources: Pet Meals Processing / Cash)

40. Milennials additionally spend probably the most on their cats, rounding out to round $745 per 12 months. (Sources: Pet Meals Processing / Cash)

Happy young woman swapping the TV channels , relaxed on the bean

Firm is Key

41. The principle purpose folks get pets – and particularly cats and canines – is “for the corporate.” That is in keeping with a YouGov survey, which noticed 52% of respondents giving this purpose. (Supply: YouGov).

42. Cats are usually half of a bigger household unit. Over half (56%) of cat folks have youngsters. Solely 26% of cat house owners are single. (Supply: Cat Individual)

Young beautiful woman kissing cat with love at home.

Cat Shelters Are A Lengthy Shot

43. As soon as a cat is misplaced, chances are high slim of discovering it in a shelter. Just one% of householders discover their cats in a shelter as soon as it’s misplaced. You might have a greater likelihood of discovering it by looking out your neighborhood.

44. That stated, many cats are discovered and returned to house owners who seek for them. There’s a significantly better likelihood of discovering a misplaced canine in a shelter, although. (Supply: Pet Meals Processing)

Kittens Are Extra More likely to be Adopted

45. 82% of kittens are adopted from a shelter or different supply. (Supply: MentalFloss)

46. Older cats – notably from round 18 months or older – have a a lot slimmer likelihood of discovering a house. About 60% of older cats in a shelter can look forward to finding a brand new endlessly dwelling. (Supply: MentalFloss)

Two British Shorthair kitten on a white background.

Orange is the New Cat

47. Numbers present that orange tabbies (generally known as gingers, mistakenly) are the preferred colour for adoption. Grays and browns observe, with the aforementioned black and tuxedo cats trailing final on the listing. (Supply: MentalFloss)


Cats Are the Most Frequent Pets Present in Shelters

48. Sadly, cats occupy as much as two-thirds of shelter area in sure locations. Cats and canines collectively make up 80% of all animals in shelters. (Supply: ASPCA / Psychology Right this moment)

49. Within the US, almost one million pets are euthanized yearly. Most are wholesome or have treatable situations. (Supply: ASPCA / Psychology Right this moment)

50. Solely 10% of sheltered animals are neutered. (Supply: ASPCA / Psychology Right this moment)

Why Folks Give Up Their Cats

51. Allergic reactions are sometimes quoted as causes for folks giving up cats. In actuality, solely round 37% of those that hand over their cats attribute allergies as the first purpose. (Supply: Petfinder)

52. Twice as many individuals are allergic to cats than to canines. (Supply: Petfinder)

53. Different causes given for abandoning their pets are too many animals to look after (11%) and private issues (4%). (Supply: Petfinder)

Close up view of a cat sneezing.

Maine Coons Are the Largest Cats, Statistically

54. Maine Coons are thought-about the most important acknowledged breed of home cat, with some weighing as much as 25 kilos and reaching 40 inches in size. (Sources: FactRetriever, CatTime)

dark ginger maine coon cat stares are maine coon cats friendly
Maine Coon

Cats and Coronary heart Illness

55. About 10% of all cats are with heart illness. It could be the only main reason behind loss of life amongst cats. The affliction can happen immediately or be current for some time. (Sources: Pet Well being Community, Traditions Veterinary Providers)

What’s an Previous Cat?

56. When it comes to classification, an 11-year-old cat is mostly thought-about to be an previous cat. That’s the equal of a senior citizen in human phrases. This doesn’t imply they are going to essentially act previous and sluggish. Some cats appear completely positive and energetic past 14 years previous. (Supply: Hill’s Pet Diet)

Sharing Beds With Pets

57. Cats usually tend to share a mattress or blankets with house owners than canines. Pet house owners basically additionally report feeling that they sleep lots higher with their cats round. (Supply: Condominium Remedy, CPA)

ginger cat on bed with two sets of human feet

Cats Are Very good Groomers

58. Cats can spend as much as half their day grooming and cleansing themselves. They like to be clear, and so they like to look good. The method really helps with greater than conserving clear. It additionally helps to control physique temperature and keep a wholesome coat. (Supply: Cornell College)

Word: As they grow old, their capability to groom could diminish, however they may also progressively turn into much less energetic basically.

Grey cat cleaning its paws.

Cats Have Fertility Cycles From 4 Months Previous

59. A cat is claimed to be in warmth when it’s in its prime state of fertility or in estrus. This will final between 3 and 14 days. The cycle can repeat each few weeks except the cat is neutered or turns into pregnant. (Supply: VCAhospitals)

The Web Was Made For Cats (In all probability)

60. We regularly joke that the Web is basically a library of cats. And the numbers appear to help this notion. CNN reported in 2015 that there was an web cat image for each human on the planet – almost 7 billion. (Sources: Treehugger, Wikipedia, CNN)

61. Extra folks watch cat movies on YouTube than another kind of video. (Sources: Treehugger, Wikipedia, CNN)

kitten on wooden floor and with computer

62. The primary cat video on Youtube was uploaded in 2005 by YouTube co-founder Steve Chen. He posted a video of his cat and known as it “Pajamas and Nick Drake“. (Supply: bbc.co.uk)

63. The primary viral cat video was in 2006. “Puppy vs Cat” was uploaded by a consumer known as Sanchey or Michael Wienzek and has had 16.3 million views as of January 2022. (Supply: bbc.co.uk)

64. As of 2015, there have been over 2 million cat movies on Youtube and cats are one of the vital searched phrases on the internet. (Supply: bbc.co.uk)

65. The oldest constantly operated cat web site is sophie.net. The positioning launched in 1999 and remains to be working. (Supply: Wikipedia)

66. In 2015 it was estimated that there might be round 6.5 billion footage of cats on the web. (Supply: CNN)

Extra Males Than Girls Personal Cats, Statistically

67. In a shocking twist, it seems that stats reveal males to be the first cat house owners of the world, although not by a lot. 37% of males personal cats, whereas 33% of girls name a feline their pet. (Supply: Mintel.com)

68. Joybird additionally requested about pet possession between women and men. Nearly half of males surveyed have pets – 49%. However a whopping 58% of girls favor taking good care of pets versus having no pets in any respect. (Supply: Joybird)

Woman with eyes closed curled up with sleepy cat on bed. cat statistics

Your cat is In all probability Left-Pawed

69. There are statistically extra cats which might be left-sided (or left-pawed) than right-sided. Which means they favor their left paw when needing to make use of their paws. Sure, animals even have a most well-liked or dominant “hand” for on a regular basis use. (Supply: Cat-world)

Regional Desire

70. As pet house owners, we already know that cats rank second to canines when it comes to sheer numbers. However what percentages of pet house owners are cat folks by area within the US? Cats are well-liked within the midwest, as 47% of pet house owners have them: the northeast and the south rank a detailed second at 46%. Lagging behind is the west at a surprisingly low 35%. It appears Cali shouldn’t be for kitties.

In contrast, the South and West love canines, with 77% and 81% respectively of pet house owners having them. (Supply: Joybird)

Pets within the House

71. Extra ladies allow their pets to roam free inside the home. Extra males could have limits – like solely permitting their pets in a single room. Women and men share the load of those that go away their pets exterior, splitting 50/50. That stated, most pet canine and cat house owners enable their pets inside the house.

Munchkin cat on couch.
Munchkin Cat

72. Extra ladies enable their pets on the furnishings – 66% of girls pet house owners, to be actual.

The place Pets Sleep

73. Extra cats get to sleep in or on the mattress than canines, percentage-wise. However canine house owners will are inclined to let their canines sleep exterior much less. We suspect this might need to do with some cat house owners not realizing the place their cats are sleeping

74. Extra ladies are additionally prone to lets their pets sleep in or on their mattress and even on their pet mattress. Males appear to be extra okay basically with a pet sleeping outside or elsewhere (not on the mattress).

75. For probably the most half, nearly all of US cats and canines get to sleep on a human mattress or a pet mattress.

Woman asleep on bed with one arm reached out to sleeping cat.

Animal Shelter Cat Statistics

The ASPCA estimates the next figures in terms of statistics round animal shelters. There may be at present no official nationwide database tabulating these numbers precisely.

76. Of the 6.3 million animals coming into shelters yearly, 3.2 million are cats. Total, this has been a decline since 2011.

77. Extra cats than canines are euthanized in shelters – about 530 000 cats in comparison with 390 000 canines.

78. 4 million canines and cats are adopted yearly – about two million of every.

79. Roughly 1000 misplaced cats are returned efficiently to house owners yearly.

United Kingdom Cat Statistics

80. 26% of all properties within the UK have a cat. That is up from pre-Covid19 ranges of 23%. (Supply: Cats.org.uk)

81. 7% of cat house owners surveyed stated they obtained a cat throughout the pandemic. (Supply: Cats.org.uk)

82. 7% additionally adopted a stray. (Supply: Cats.org.uk)

Cat being hand held by a woman, laying its back on her legs.

83. There are an estimated 11 million cats within the UK. (Supply: Cats.org.uk)

84. Every cat dwelling has a median of 1.5 cats (lower than the US) (Supply: Cats.org.uk)

85. 52% of pet house owners think about their cat to be their finest pal. 40% of individuals obtained a pet as they wished to enhance their psychological well being. (Supply: YouGov)

Vet-Associated Stats

86. About 70% of UK cat house owners say their cat is updated with all inoculations and vaccinations.

87. Barely fewer younger cats have been neutered throughout the pandemic. At 86%, that might be accounted for by the quarantine and lockdown phases of the pandemic response.

Vet holding a thermometer doing a checkup up on the greyish cat.

88. About 70% of home cats are microchipped, serving to to forestall cats from being misplaced.

Being a cat particular person isn’t all the time simple.

89. 73% of cat house owners suppose there are destructive stereotypes of cat folks. Nevertheless, 80% of cat house owners don’t consider that these stereotypes apply to them. (Supply: Cat Individual)

90. Cat house owners are almost 4 occasions as probably as the common particular person to work in a artistic subject (Supply: Mars Petcare)

91. 80% of cat house owners suppose the US tradition caters extra to canine folks than cat folks. (Supply: Mars Petcare)

Woman cuddling a ginger cat.

92. Greater than half of cat house owners have purchased merchandise for his or her cats that have been meant for small canines. (Supply: Cat Individual)

93. 23% of cat house owners have shared their innermost emotions and ideas with their cat. (Supply: Mars Petcare)

94. 70% of cat house owners credit score their pets with serving to them to scale back their stress ranges (Supply: Mars Petcare)

Eating regimen and Well being

95. Vets suppose 44% of cats they see are obese. House owners have a barely extra optimistic view – solely 31% suppose their cats are obese. About 35% of householders really suppose their cats are underweight.

A close view of a cat eating food from a bowl.

World Cat Statistics

96. In keeping with stats from WorldAtlas, Germany has probably the most prolific cat possession numbers in Europe, with an estimated 23% of households proudly owning cats. It due to this fact additionally has probably the most cats of all nations in Western Europe, with about 14 million cats. France and the UK follow intently.

White turkish angora odd eye cat lying down seen from the side looking at the camera isolated on a white background

97. Istanbul has a splendidly progressive coverage for stray canines and cats. Town recurrently tags and neuters strays and releases them once more to stay in peace. An estimated 125 000 cats roam the streets in Istanbul, fed by locals and principally completely wholesome. Town is affectionately known as Catstanbul by some locals. (Supply: legalnomads.com)

98. Some cats are celebrities. Gli, who lives within the Hagia Sophia, has greater than 100 000 Instagram followers.

99. In Romania, the stability between cat and canine house owners is even! About 45% of homes have cats, and 45% have canines.(Supply: petsecure.com.au)

100. Almost 92% of cats in Australia are saved indoors. Of Australians who don’t have pets, 53% report wanting one. Extra youthful individuals who personal pets (20%) have pet insurance coverage. (Supply: petsecure.com.au)

Russian cat eats caviar
Russian cats love caviar!

101. Cats are much more well-liked than canines in Russia. 57% of Russians have a cat residing with them. Solely 29% of Russians have a canine. (Supply: GFK World Examine)

102. 4 out of 10 folks in France have a cat (Source: GFK Global Study)

lilac beret and scarf on a cat

103. Cat Statistics by Nation

This listing supplied by Petsecure.co.au gives some perception into how cat possession appears to be like internationally.

  • USA                74,059,000
  • China               53,100,000
  • Russia             17,800,000
  • Brazil               12,466,000
  • France             11,480,000
  • Germany         8,200,000
  • UK                   8,000,000
  • Italy                 7,400,000
  • Ukraine            7,350,000
  • Japan              7,300,000
  • Poland             5,550,000
  • Romania          3,891,000
  • Spain               3,385,000
  • Argentina         3,000,000
  • Netherlands     2,877,000
  • Hungary          2,240,000
  • Australia          2,200,000
  • South Africa    2,000,000
  • Belgium           1,884,100
  • Czech Republic           1,750,000

Remaining Ideas on Cat-Associated Statistics

A few of these stats will little question shock and curiosity you. If you wish to know extra about our furry mates, take a look at this enjoyable article on interesting cat behaviors.

Within the meantime, it feels assuring to know that cats are second solely to canines in terms of their recognition with people. We’ve been mates with them for a long time, and though the jury is out on who precisely the boss is in that relationship, there aren’t any indicators of the species parting methods quickly.

Black cat wearing glasses and a tie over a bluish background.

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