Our feline associates are sometimes unfairly characterised as aloof, unfriendly, and snobbish. However that doesn’t inform your entire story of those stunning creatures. Canines could also be man’s greatest good friend, however cats rule the world. And don’t you neglect it.

Valued for his or her companionship and skill to hunt vermin, our small, furry associates have been with us for at the very least 9,500 years. And identical to canine, they arrive in breeds aplenty.

That stated, you’d be hard-pressed to search out anybody who might provide you with their favourite cat breed when requested about it on the spot. However don’t fear. We have now all of the deets on the perfect cat breeds right here.

Proceed studying to find 15 of the perfect cat breeds which might be completely purrfect!

The 15 Finest Cat Breeds

With out additional ado, let’s check out a few of the greatest cat breeds. Who is aware of? You might simply discover the proper breed for you.

1. American Shorthairs

It’s well-known that cats have numerous breeds with totally different personalities and appears, and this one is not any totally different. The American Shorthair is a typical breed in America, which is a descendant of the European Shorthair cat.

american shorthair cat breed
american shorthair cat breed

American Shorthairs are very friendly and like to play. These cute guys get together with different pets, like canine, very nicely. Plus, they’re good round youngsters, making them nice to personal as a household pet.

american shorthair kittens
american shorthair kittens

Sadly, these cute guys usually develop heart illness. However they’re typically wholesome other than this. That stated, you’ll be able to anticipate your American Shorthair to dwell for about 15 to twenty years, which is greater than the common lifespan of a pet cat (roughly 13 or 14 years).

2. Abyssinians

Abyssinians are one of the vital widespread cat breeds within the U.S. at present. They’re identified for his or her stunning fur and placing inexperienced eyes, however in addition they have various different qualities that make them glorious pets for any proprietor.

Abyssinian Cat lying down best cat breeds

These sleek cats are identified for paying attention and caring towards their people. Plus, Abyssinians are playful and athletic and are identified for being inquisitive about their environment. You’ll additionally discover these smart little fellows socializing with different pets and people.

Attributable to their lively and playful nature, you could wish to spend money on a variety of toys in your Abyssinian. These will present countless leisure and are positive to please them.

young Abyssinian cat in action
younger Abyssinian cat in motion

With their comparatively lively life, you wouldn’t be faulted for considering Abyssinian cats would live long. However sadly, this isn’t the case. These feline associates can have a genetic illness that would trigger them to develop anemia, which might shorten their lifespan. On common, Abyssinian cats dwell for 9 to 13 years, which is far shorter than the common pet cat’s lifespan.

3. Maine Coons

The almighty Maine Coon is a previously uncommon breed of domesticated cats that has a pure mutation, inflicting it to have an unusually lengthy, thick coat. These common cats are identified for being large and stocky. Male Maine Coons can weigh as much as about 18 kilos, whereas females usually weigh between 10 and 14 kilos.

orange maine coon cat with fluffy tail

However sufficient about appears. Let’s concentrate on their brains and personalities. Maine Coons are very smart and revel in being the focal point. They make for glorious companions as a consequence of their affectionate nature. Whereas they could require more grooming and a spotlight than different cat breeds, their companionship is value it.

Plus, with pleasant Maine Coons being one of the vital coveted and recognizable breeds within the U.S. of A., they’re fairly tough to undertake. However you will discover one should you’re affected person and diligent. 

Brown Maine coon cat sitting.
Maine Coon

You possibly can make sure to get pleasure from a substantial period of time with a Maine Coon in your loved ones, with them dwelling for 13 to fifteen years on common. Although they’re sturdy and robust cat breeds, Maine Coons can undergo from quite a lot of well being points like spinal muscular atrophy and polycystic kidney illness (PKD).

4. Ragdolls

Oh, the candy, cute Ragdoll. This breed of cat is understood for its docile nature. They’re giant in measurement and usually have a white coat with patches of seal, blue, or chocolate fur. These candy angels are typically pleasant to a fault and revel in being petted by people.

Blue-eyed Maine Coon ragdoll cat sitting beside a basket where its flower is hanging over its head.
Ragdoll Cat

Attributable to their placing blue eyes and pleasant demeanor, many pet house owners select to convey them into their properties. Actually, Ragdolls have been acknowledged by cat associations as one of the vital common breeds of home cats and are identified to have a mean lifespan of about 9 to fifteen years. 

Up close view of bicolored Ragdoll cat with blue eyes.

They could encounter just a few well being points, comparable to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or bladder stones, although. That stated, they’ll dwell longer with good weight management and wholesome dwelling requirements. In comparison with different cat breeds, Ragdolls are comparatively wholesome.

5. Bengals

Bengals are a breed of home cat that has a particular orange coat with black stripes and/or spots. They’re additionally fairly clever and social. The candy and loving Bengal will be traced again so far as 1963, when Jean Mill, a cat breeder, crossed an Asian Leopard cat with a Home Shorthair. 

Bengal cat laying down on its back.

Recognized for being trainable and dependable, these enjoyable cats make nice household pets.

Talking of household, you’ll be able to anticipate this comparatively wholesome breed to be part of yours for a very long time, with a lifespan of 12 to 16 years. 

Bengal cat with its back arched.

Whereas they’re usually wholesome, well being points they could face embody hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and cataracts. However you’ll be able to probably mitigate these by selecting a accountable breeder.

6. Burmese Cats

Burmese cats are a breed of cat that originated in Southeast Asia. These are probably the greatest cat breeds for residence dwelling as a consequence of their small measurement and mild nature. Burmese have a kitten-like nature and retain this nicely into maturity. They’re additionally good pets for folks with bronchial asthma or allergic reactions, due to their low-allergen coats.

Burmese cat on white background
Burmese Cat

You gained’t be tired of these smooth cats in your house. They’re identified to be fairly keen on taking part in fetch. And should you’re a bit industrious, you would possibly educate your cute new good friend to carry out tips too.

White and black Burmese cats sitting in a basket next to each other.

Your furry good friend is genetically predisposed to longevity, too, with a mean lifespan of 18 to twenty years. That stated, they could develop feline orofacial ache syndrome, which is as painful because it sounds. It consists of oral discomfort and mutilation of your cat’s face and tongue. You might stop your cat from pawing at its face by getting them an Elizabethan collar.

7. Sphynx Cats

Named after the Egyptian Sphinx, these cute guys are additionally one of many United States’ hottest cat breeds. Sphynx cats are hairless, and their pores and skin is often pink. 

grey spynx cat on timber bench
Sphynx Cat

They could be a number of totally different colours, although, and so they have a greater variety of personalities than different cat breeds. Regardless of being hairless, they’ll nonetheless have some safety from the solar should you spend money on cool, cotton clothing for them.

Sphynx cat wearing bath cap in a bucket.
Sphynx Cat

These cute cats have a mean lifespan of about 8 to 14 years, which will be shortened by pores and skin issues and periodontal illness, to call just a few. Hold them wholesome by giving them weekly baths and getting particular suggestions out of your vet.

8. British Shorthairs

The British Shorthair is a comparatively new breed of cat that originated in England. It has a brief, smooth physique and is often medium- to large-sized. These fascinating cats have broad chests and durable bone constructions. 

british short hair tuxedo

In addition they have giant ears and eyes which might be round and expressive, staring deep into your eyes and into your coronary heart. You’ll discover these cute cats in all colours and patterns, together with silver, blue, chocolate, black smoke, blue smoke, tabby mackerel, and extra.

Two British Shorthair kitten on a white background.

These cute, chubby-wubby cats have a mean lifespan of 14 to twenty years, which is relatively spectacular. Whereas that is longer than the common for pet cats, you’ll nonetheless need to take the required precautions as an proprietor. This consists of feeding them nicely and guaranteeing that they don’t develop into overweight.

9. Devon Rex

Named after Devonshire, England, the place they’re initially from, and the lady, Miss Cox, who discovered them, the Devon Rex is an interesting-looking fellow and is a breed of home short-haired cats. They’ve a slender physique and pretty giant ears. Being fairly small in measurement, their females weigh a mean of seven kilos and their males about 8 kilos

Devon Rex Cat on dark brown sheet background with jug and wheat
Devon Rex Cat

Devon Rexes are clever, playful, and expressive cats who get pleasure from interacting with their people. You’ll love taking part in and cuddling with these unique-looking cats.

Devon rex with dark face.

Make sure you take correct care of your Devon Rex and provides it correct diet to boost its common lifespan of 9 to 13 years. That approach, you’ll be able to look ahead to extra playtime together with your cat.

10. Persian Cats

The Persian cat is a well-known breed of cat acknowledged for its lengthy, thick fur and spherical, flat face. Unsurprisingly, this breed is usually known as a “Persian Longhair” due to its coat.

Lover Valentine Persian Color-point cat with a red heart.

Persian cats have been round for generations and are one of the vital common breeds as a consequence of their cute look and relatively pleasant nature. They’re among the many most mild, easygoing, and sweet-natured of all cat breeds. Your Persian cat might be very affectionate and revel in spending time with you or by itself.

persian cat ginger

This impartial cat can dwell for 12 to 17 years. Persian cats usually expertise eye and dental issues, which implies you must take them to the vet for normal checkups to make sure a protracted, wholesome life.

11. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold Cats are a preferred breed identified for being sensible and low-maintenance. This common breed has a particular folded-over ear, which provides them their identify. The reason for it is a gene that impacts the cartilage of their furry our bodies.

Grey scottish fold cat face up close
Scottish Fold Cat

Scottish Folds are additionally identified for his or her candy and mild nature, making them splendid for youths and other people new to cats. Moreover, they require little grooming and make improbable pets for folks with allergic reactions as a result of they produce fewer allergens than different breeds.

scottish fold cat against blue background
scottish fold cat

The Scottish Fold usually lives for about 15 years. Whereas comparatively lengthy, take care to look out for the varied degenerative joint ailments they could face.

12. Unique Shorthairs

Unique Shorthairs are usually seen as a cross between Persians and American Shorthairs. Folks acknowledge these cute, snuggly cats by their bushy, brief coats. Regardless of their obvious shy demeanor, Unique Shorthair cats are playful and curious and might make nice household pets.

Ginger flat faced cat with amber eyes up close
Unique Shorthair cat

They usually sport fantastically placing gentle inexperienced eyes. They’re additionally often very clever and present nice affection to their people. You possibly can get pleasure from this love and companionship together with your Shorthair for some time, due to a lifespan of round 12 to 14 years.

Ginger exotic short hair cat sleeping.

13. Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are a preferred cat breed. They’re identified for his or her blue eyes and the distinctive browning of their faces. 


Whilst you could not be capable of get pleasure from a stimulating dialog with them, Siamese cats are fairly clever. This, plus their social nature, makes them an amazing selection for individuals who wish to spend some high quality time with their pets.

Lynx point Siamese lying on the floor playing with jar of cat nip.

The naturally inquisitive Siamese cat lives for about 10 to fifteen years, which is longer than the common. They usually battle bronchial asthma and liver issues, the previous of which will be managed by anti-inflammatory medication.

14. Birman Cats

The Birman (or “Sacred Cat of Burma”) is a heavily-boned cat breed usually with white, lengthy fur on its physique with a brown face and legs. It’s thought to have originated in Burma (Myanmar).

Birman cat at home on sunny day

Whereas they could have a shorter lifespan (9 to 13 years) in comparison with different cats, Birmans are comparatively wholesome. Like with another cat, each day train and common checkups with the vet might help stop and detect any well being points which will come up.

Birmanese Domestic Cat

15. Oriental Shorthairs

The Oriental Shorthair is a reasonably latest cat breed that has been bred in North America. They’ve origins in each the U.S. and Thailand. The breed first appeared within the Fifties on account of breeding between Siamese and different cats, like Russian Blues and British Shorthairs. At this time, they’re considered one of North America’s hottest breeds and make great pets for any household.

Black Oriental Long Hair Cat
Black Oriental Lengthy Hair Cat

These inquisitive cats are identified for being pleasant with different pets and social towards people. When you have a household with youngsters, you gained’t have to fret about integrating them. And with a mean life expectancy of 15 years, you’ll be able to dwell with them for years to come back.

brown and black oriental shorthair cats

So Which of These Cat Breeds Is the Finest?

Cats are little question a preferred pet, with virtually 60 million of them within the United States. So which of those cat breeds is the perfect?

As with something in life, all of it comes all the way down to your wants and preferences. One of the best cat breed will depend upon what you’re on the lookout for in a pet. For instance, if you’d like a cat that’s low upkeep, you would possibly wish to take into account the Sphinx or Devon Rex breeds. Nonetheless, if you’d like a cat that’s very lively and playful, then look into Bengals.

Whichever breed you select, it might assist to know how long cats live on average so you’ll be able to put together for a lifetime of enjoyable, purring, and countless stomach rubs together with your feline companion.

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