Are you contemplating increasing your loved ones with a feline companion however not sure whether or not cats get alongside properly with youngsters? Happily, cats and kids can get alongside properly, like peanut butter and jelly.

A cute kitty could also be a wonderful secret keeper, an cute snuggler, and — most importantly for fogeys — they normally require little upkeep. Plus they might train younger kids accountability.

Any household would profit from having a cat. They will infuse a house with love, persona, and pleasure. Nonetheless, when you have kids, you should take into account each the security and happiness of your kids and the cat’s well-being.

Learn on to study a number of the finest household cat breeds if you wish to add a brand new pet to your loved ones.

Tip: Try our information to the cutest cat names in your cute new member of the family.

mum and son with cat

17 Finest Household Cat Breeds

1. Abyssinian

Abyssinian cats are grasp manipulators with regards to their house owners, they usually’ll have your loved ones within the palm of their paws. They’re glorious pets for households with older kids since they’re social, loyal, and lively. 

Abyssinian Cat lying down best cat breeds

The “Aby-silly-ans,” as Abyssinians are identified, are pure athletes with no worry of heights. Whereas being caring and compassionate towards adults and older youngsters, they’re additionally vibrant, intelligent, and swift sufficient to keep away from toddlers. 

Due to their intelligence, you may even train some methods to Abyssinians by way of coaching with a clicker.

young Abyssinian cat in action
younger Abyssinian cat in motion

2. American Shorthair

American Shorthair cats are a loving breed that makes pleasant, easygoing, and mild pets. The breed is on the high of the record of the most effective cats for youths, so individuals incessantly select them.

american shorthair cat breed
american shorthair cat breed

They’re identified for being terribly impartial and versatile, so if their house owners can’t be at house for some hours every day, they’ll survive being left alone. With their laid-back personalities, they make pretty household cats for houses with youngsters, they usually particularly take pleasure in enjoying with interactive toys with their house owners.

american shorthair kittens
american shorthair kittens

3. Bengal

Bengal cats are the perfect companion for households in search of unusual, lovable, and non-wild playmates. This cat’s persona is simply as endearing as its appears. The Bengal is pleasant and playful and will get alongside properly with each individuals and different animals of all ages.

two bengal cats

These cats are lively and revel in leaping, so you need to present them entry to a climbing tree and locations the place they’ll sit and look across the room. 

Bengal cats even have a love of water that different home cats don’t. So you need to take further care to forestall your aquarium from turning right into a fishing pond. Permitting them entry to a pool in order that they can swim is a superb thought.

bengal cat ginger

4. Birman

Birman cats are glorious pet companions for youths since they’re pleasant, full of life, and simple to deal with. 

Since Birmans are extremely gregarious, they incessantly observe members of the family about the home whereas enjoying and even “serving to” with chores — something to get in on the enjoyable. Your youngsters will take pleasure in educating a Birman cat numerous methods, comparable to easy methods to stroll on a leash.

Birman cat at home on sunny day

They’re pleasant to grabby kids, get together with different family pets, and look ahead to socializing with individuals. They take pleasure in being the focal point, however aren’t overbearing.

Birmanese Domestic Cat

5. British Shorthair

The British shorthair is calm and subdued if a bit quiet. They’re identified for being candy and cuddly with out being cloying and excessively clingy, and they’re going to develop to be devoted and caring members of the family.

british short hair tuxedo

The British shorthair is a superb household cat due to its laid-back disposition and basic good nature in direction of individuals of all ages and family pets. Till maturity, British shorthairs can nonetheless be energetic and lively like kittens, however they grow to be calm and well-mannered as soon as they mature.

Two British Shorthair kitten on a white background.

6. Cornish Rex

The playful and energetic Cornish Rex cats take pleasure in enjoying fetch. They’re extremely affectionate, adore being round individuals, and generally even demand firm.

Cornish rex cat tabby.

Cornish Rex cats are a incredible selection for households with kids, different pets, or common guests due to their full of life and outgoing personalities. They’re very beneficiant with their love and can do something to point out it to the complete household.

They’re famend for being clever and curious with a touch of mischief. They incessantly leap onto excessive locations to evaluate their atmosphere and can open nearly any door or cupboard.

Bicolored Cornish Rex cat on a red background.
Try these ears!

7. Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is distinguished by its triangular face, huge, low-set ears, and huge eyes, which give them an alien look. These cats talk by way of their full of life personalities and lively exercise, even when they aren’t as noisy as different breeds. 

Devon Rex Cat on dark brown sheet background with jug and wheat
Devon Rex Cat

Devon Rexes take pleasure in cuddling with their household’s pets in addition to individuals. They complement any household construction and are incredible playmates as a result of their athletic character. 

This cute, mischievous kitty is an actual treasure. Though the Devon Rex’s voracious urge for food can get them into hassle, they by no means intend any hurt. You’ll want to get them the tastiest cat food, in order that they don’t chew in your sofa.

Devon rex cat under plant looking up how to keep cats away from plants
Devon rex cat below plant wanting up

8. European Burmese

European Burmese cats are fearless and stay playful and sociable properly into previous age. They’re generally known as “Velcro cats” as a result of they are going to stick as intently to their proprietor as potential. If you wish to keep away from a small cat following you round the home all day or in case you spend plenty of time away from house, this will not be the breed for you.

european burmese cat
european burmese cat

They act as lap heaters and entertain you with their hilarious antics. Burmese cats have a dog-like mentality and a mischievous disposition. Youngsters will play with Burmese cats for years to come back.

9. Himalayan

Himalayan cats could seem threatening, though they’re something however. Himalayan cats present their house owners of all sizes plenty of love and affection. They’re main cuddlers and all the time wish to be with their people it doesn’t matter what they’re doing.

white fluffy Himalaya cat with darker face and blue eyes
Himalaya Cat

Himalayan cats are among the many world’s most affectionate cat breeds, making them glorious pets. They get alongside properly with youngsters, so be prepared for a cat that may type a lifelong attachment along with your youngsters. The Himalayan, who’s considerably spirited, does like enjoying video games and might be skilled to play fetch with a ball or different small toy.

himalayan cat with dark coat

10. Maine Coon

These light giants who can weigh as much as 20 kilos are adored for his or her playful, kitten-like personalities. Maine Coon cats are incredible additions to houses and are extremely well-liked as remedy cats as a result of their friendliness towards everybody.

orange maine coon with ruff

Maine Coons have sterling hearts. They’re fairly tolerant and simply alter to kids’s calls for. They make nice household pets due to their playful, loving, and candy natures, and their sturdy stature makes them blissful being dealt with by youngsters.

Brown Maine coon cat sitting. calmest cat breeds
Maine Coon

11. Manx

A Manx cat will guarantee that there’s by no means a uninteresting second in your house! These playful, canine-like cats like to fetch and bury toys and are enthralled by the water. Don’t be shocked in case you uncover your Manx cat observing you from the highest of a door as a result of in addition they take pleasure in heights.

manx cat with no tail

Manx cats adore to curve up of their house owners’ laps and can make each effort to observe them. Manx cats are famend for missing tails, which is just one of many causes they’re a wonderful breed for youths since, with no tail, youngsters gained’t be tempted to tug.

12. Persian

Low-maintenance Persian cats have a high-maintenance look. Though they’ve regal appears, they’re type and compassionate and might be full of life or calm and relaxed.

persian cat ginger

Though they take pleasure in lazing round the home, they’ll additionally shortly adapt to busy households. They aren’t demanding and gained’t observe you across the house, however they nonetheless take pleasure in cuddling and being petted.

Your youngsters can mistake them for stuffed animals as a result of their thick fur, which must be groomed often. Nonetheless, they’re identified for being affected person with rowdy youngsters and yearn for human firm.

Persian cat, sitting in front of white background
Persian cat

13. Ragamuffin

Ragamuffin cats have personalities which might be as huge as their huge, fluffy frames and are massive, clinging, and affectionate. They’ve a stunning temperament and are docile and pleasant.

Fluffy ragamuffin cat in the studio.

Your Ragamuffin cat will incessantly be ready for you on the door and spend hours curled up in your lap. They’re pleasant and can unwind in your arms as you embrace them.

Ragamuffin cats develop shut relationships with their households, making them the perfect companion animals. They make nice pets for households with youngsters and different animals due to their amiable nature.

ragamuffin cat eye shot in profile
Ragamuffin Cat in profile

14. Ragdoll

The Ragdoll is adored for his or her propensity to break down into the arms of the particular person holding them, nearly like a ragdoll. This easygoing breed genuinely appreciates human firm and can incessantly greet its house owners on the door and observe them inside.

ragdoll cat face

Since Ragdolls adore being picked up and carried about, they make a incredible companion for households with younger kids. As a result of they’re light, docile, and unlikely to harm youngsters (together with infants) ragdoll cats are most popular for houses with youngsters. 

They instinctively know when to cease utilizing their claws whereas enjoying; some even permit youngsters to decorate them up and carry them in a stroller.

Chocolate Ragdoll cat lying on top of a cat tree.

15. Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold cat is a pleasant, short-haired breed with folded ears, which is the way it obtained its peculiar identify. The cat has uncommon ears that fold ahead and downward, giving it an owl-like look.

Grey scottish fold cat face up close
Scottish Fold Cat

This breed is famend for its laid-back persona and general sociability. It sometimes will get alongside properly with different cats, cat-friendly canine, and households with many pets. They will additionally choose up methods.

The Scottish Fold’s loving perspective is each soothing and endearing to individuals of all ages. It’s going to shortly grow to be buddies with kids who’re sufficiently old to respect it and never deal with it violently.

scottish fold cat against blue background
scottish fold cat

16. Siamese

Siamese cats are great household companions. They’re attention-seekers who type shut, enduring bonds with their members of the family, however it might take them a while to heat as much as you.

siamese cat looking upwards

They’re additionally among the many chattiest breeds round, so be prepared to interact in prolonged conversations on most topics. They’ll observe you about while meowing, or they’ll bounce into your lap on the first alternative.

Siamese cats are among the many finest breeds for households with younger kids since they adore human firm. Siamese cats and kids can grow to be lifelong finest companions.

Lynx point Siamese cat wearing a reddish collar with bell lying on the floor and staring at the camera.

17. Siberian

Siberian cats are loyal however not overbearing; they are going to observe you round the home and wait patiently so that you can cuddle up with them on the sofa. They’re pretty additions to full of life houses with kids and different furry buddies due to their laid-back nature.

two siberian cats on couch

Nonetheless, the Siberian coat does want plenty of care, and it sheds so much, so put together to have a jacket coated in cat fur once you carry them house. Maybe put money into some cat grooming tools in case you determine on a Siberian cat.

Cute Siberian cat sitting on the sofa in front of the yellow pillows.

So Which Breed Will You Get?

From playful kitties to furry creatures that lounge in your lap, there are a number of fantastic breeds that may completely match into your loved ones dynamic. The query is, which one will you select? Try these cute blue-eyed kitties if you wish to stare right into a pair of irresistible eyes all day.

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