Everyone knows cats are might be imply, and most of us have gotten the scratches to show it. Though some cats are meaner than others, we’ve chosen to take a look at the 17 meanest cat breeds we may discover.

Hold studying to be taught extra about these various cat breeds. This put up will have a look at their personalities and how one can higher handle their imply streaks.

Meet the Meanest Cat Breeds

With out additional ado, listed here are 17 of the meanest cat breeds, their personalities, and find out how to love them — claws and all. 

1. Sphynx

When you’re a lover of the ’90s sitcom Mates, you might keep in mind the one with the cat episode. Sure, that cat is imply, and that cat is a Sphynx. The Sphynx is often friendly, energetic, and loving on day. Though these kitties love their consideration, they are usually fairly a handful if not given all of the loving they deserve. They might act out in an try to get your consideration. 

sphynx cat grey

The Sphynx is greatest left indoors with many actions to maintain them occupied. Whereas this breed will not be essentially aggressive or evil, Sphynx cats are fairly choosy about what they do and the sort of consideration they like. So, they may combat back should you attempt to choose them up.

grey spynx cat on timber bench
Sphynx Cat

2. Siamese

The Siamese has a fame because the meanest cat round, however we’re fairly satisfied it’s simply their face. This kitty cat is greatest recognized for its mesmerizing eyes and assertive and talkative nature.

Blue-eyed Lilac point Siamese cat wrapped in a lilac towel meanest cat breeds

A lot of their persona will get confused as a imply streak whereas siamese cats are adoring however territorial in actuality. This dominant trait may end in a scratch, chew or imply meow when their boundaries are overstepped or their individual is “attacked” by another person.

types of siamese cats story

Their imply streak normally outcomes from some sort of traumatic previous or adjustments of their instant setting. Siamese cats are creatures of behavior and can act out if something threatens their well being, hormones, or consolation zones. Taking time to determine why your cat is sad could make them much less imply and simpler to handle.

Old style Siamese cat.
previous fashion siamese cat

3. Himalayan

These fluffy kittens are mentioned to be half Persian, half Siamese. They’re normally fairly pleasant however are inherently shy and can solely love a selected few. This could generally come throughout as imply, however they’re selective with their affection.

himalayan cat with dark coat

Himalayan cats are additionally well-known to be passive cats that desire a calmer setting versus a loopy and chaotic one. A change of their setting or extraordinarily wild interactions will trigger them to react.

white fluffy Himalaya cat with darker face and blue eyes
Himalaya Cat

These cats additionally like to be round individuals, so attempt to not go away them alone for too long as this may get them upset, and they’ll combat you as a option to present you the way sad they’re. Himalayans are additionally fairly noisy and talkative. They are going to ‘scream’ while you’re not paying them consideration; resulting from their tons of vitality, they recognize a number of actions and issues to play with.

4. Scottish Fold

Many individuals will name the Scottish Fold an enthralling cat; they’re comparatively straightforward to reside with and might be affectionate with their household. However they do must be dealt with gently. These chunky cats are fairly properly often known as free-minded and spirited cats.

Grey scottish fold cat face up close
Scottish Fold Cat

They have an inclination to adore affection, so after they’re left alone for too lengthy, they are often fairly vocal and even grow to be harmful. This breed additionally tends to grow to be hooked up to 1 individual within the family and won’t present the identical cuteness and courtesy to different individuals round them.

scottish fold cat against blue background
scottish fold cat

For that reason, these cats might be thought-about impolite should you don’t perceive their persona. The Scottish Fold is inclined to a couple well being hazards, because of the genetic mutation that causes their ears to fold over. They’ll even have weak limbs and joints, which causes them a ton of ache, so in case your cat is further imply, greatest to get them to the vet.

Grey Scottish fold cat with amber eyes staring at something.

5. Bombay

Bombay cats are normally black however are totally different from common black cats because of their copper-colored eyes. That is what makes them uniquely Bombay, as they’re usually from Southeast Asia.

black bombay cat

These cats have typically been misrepresented as means resulting from their innate potential to take cost. They are going to put you, the human, in your house however get alongside comparatively properly with different cats and canines.

black traditional bombay cat on nuts background
Bombay Cat

The Bombay cat is energetic, affectionate, and adaptable to all conditions. They’re fairly shiny and can take pleasure in studying new tips and enjoying many enjoyable video games. However, if they don’t obtain sufficient stimulation, they will act out and present you that they’re uninterested in harmful habits.

6. Bengal

These stunning giants are normally very playful. The Bengal cat is good and exceptionally stunning. They’re thought-about wild because of their wild cat genes; the Bengal is a cross between an Asian leopard and a domestic cat.

Bengal cat with its back arched.

Most individuals contemplate them too wild to tame, however in actuality, they’re actually affectionate and loving, they usually take pleasure in being round individuals. Whereas they’re not the cuddle-in-your-lap form, they do need your organization. Their imply streak turns into obvious after they’re bored and unstimulated. They would favor affection from a distance and can scratch and chew should you’re giving them consideration in a fashion that doesn’t appease them.

bengal cat with green eyes stares at camera

These wild however stunning creatures are fairly energetic and playful. They’ll be happier with a few toys and will even create a brand new toy out of a lifeless cockroach they caught someplace outdoors.

7. Egyptian Mau

Just like the Bengal, the Egyptian Mau is as regal as ever and can present you who the boss is in your house. They’re normally fairly athletic and might be agile when the necessity arises. They’re very properly often known as predators and can take pleasure in looking rodents and birds.

Two egyptian mau cats on a purple background perfect for egyptian cat names
Egyptian Mau Cats

Their instincts must be acknowledged and satiated. If not, they may grow to be “violent” in the direction of you. They’re usually fairly loving and like to spend time with their favourite individual as a substitute of anybody else within the family.

Egyptian mau cat
Egyptian mau cat

The Egyptian Mau can be fairly generally recognized to be standoffish; this will likely come throughout as imply to some individuals. Though these cats will most likely be meaner to strangers and other people, they don’t have a lot of a bond with.

8. American Wirehair

The American Wirehair is likely one of the most easy-going cats on this record. They’re rather a lot much less aggressive in comparison with the Bengal or Ocicat. However, they’ve a powerful unbiased streak in them, which might generally make them look a bit imply to those that don’t perceive them.

ginger american wire hair cat against white background
American Wire Hair Cat

This breed additionally has a little bit of a grumpy face. Whereas this will likely very properly rely in your particular cat, it’s another excuse why it has made it onto this record. Nonetheless, the American Wirehair is sociable and daring however will all the time bow all the way down to affection from their favourite individual.

They are often left alone for lots longer than most cats and received’t actually grow to be imply if unprovoked. Their heavy bones and muscular neck are intimidating sufficient so far as cats go, so they may be capable of maintain their very own if mistreated.

9. Korat

Usually often known as the great luck cat, this breed was normally given as items to newlyweds. These stunning blue cats like to be in cost and suppose a little bit of themselves. Though, while you look as cute as this, we don’t blame you. 

korat expensive cat breed
korat expensive cat breed

The Korat is usually fairly a loving and affectionate cat (with individuals of its selecting) however will likely be considerably standoffish in the direction of those that aren’t chosen. It’ll follow you round in every single place and loves being heard as properly.

korat cat breed
korat cat breed

This cat is fairly clever, so that they’ll recognize puzzle-like toys and some candy treats after they suppose they’re deserving of it. Be sure you not go away him alone for too lengthy, regardless of preferring their very own firm more often than not; they want it should you have been simply within the subsequent room.

10. Pixie Bob

When you’re in search of a cat that’s a bit like a canine, then that is the one for you. Whereas they have a tendency to have many dog-like traits, Pixie Bobs are usually fairly protecting of their chosen people. This may increasingly generally be thought-about imply, even aggressive in some circles, however in actuality, they’re simply full of affection to present. 

pixie bob cat
pixie bob cat

The Pixie Bob is sort of a big cat, weighing as much as 17 kilos, making them seem like wild bobcats. They’ll grow to be a bit demanding as they want a lot of love, time, consideration, and affection however will fortunately vocalize no matter is bothering them.

pixie bob cat
pixie bob cat

These loyal fur infants are a fantastic addition to any family, though you’ll have to make sure that they’ve sufficient area to roam free and sufficient time for play.

11. Singapura

These cats are exceptionally distinctive with their large eyes, small heads, and pint-sized our bodies. They’re curious and energetic, smart and assertive, and an entire ball of compact enjoyable.

singapura cat

They’re additionally fairly a bit needier than most and can demand lots of your time and presence. They’re usually candy and foolish by nature, though their intelligence and assertiveness can generally be understood as imply.

Pale Singapura Cat.
Singapura Cat

However, they’re very a lot the alternative; they’re full of affection and can take pleasure in butting heads with you (actually). Simply ensure that they’re totally entertained and part of your day-to-day actions. They are going to present you just a little little bit of their bossiness once in a while however getting them concerned in your day by speaking or permitting them to smell issues might placate them till you determine what they want from you subsequent.

12. Cymric

A Cymric is of course tailless and appears precisely like a loaf of bread from proper angles. This stunning cat is closely constructed and fairly stocky. Their construct, in tandem with their pleasant persona, makes them an absolute pleasure to witness.

cymric cat

Cymrics are, for probably the most half, calm. They do, nonetheless, have a high-energy stage. They might grow to be harmful and awfully imply if they don’t seem to be entertained to the fullest extent inside their cat kingdom.

cymric cat

Little or no else can trouble this cat, although, so whereas they will grow to be imply, they’re most likely simply bored. And that may be simply mounted with some further toys round the home and just a little bit extra time and a spotlight.

13. Savannah

This serval-looking cat is generally recognized as imply or aggressive due to its ancestry. Usually, they’re fairly charming and clever, with a bucket load of persona to dish out, however you might discover variations in persona relying on their adolescence and months.

savannah cat full body

The Savannah cat is a cross between the African Serval and home cat. They have an inclination to get their domesticated genetics from the least wild facet of their genetics. However, their looking abilities and improper socialization might be provoked to get just a little wild and loopy.

Tabby Savannah cat against white background
Savannah Cat

Be sure you get this cat from a registered and trusted breeder or a good shelter.

14. Somali

This beautiful magnificence is an lively breed; they often take pleasure in enjoying on their very own however will ultimately meow round you, in search of a while to play collectively. These cats are particularly social, so you’ll want to introduce them to your pals after they come over.

Somali Cat tabby ginger
Somali Cat

They’ll grow to be a bit imply and scratchy in the event that they’re feeling bored or ignored and can, by all means, make their points recognized. With the fitting strategies of socialization, this shouldn’t be an everyday concern.

15. Ocicat

These cats are inclined to get a nasty rap because of their kin, the Siamese. They’re fairly sociable and extremely energetic, so that they do want some further care, consideration, and plenty of introductions too.

ocicat expensive cat breed
ocicat costly cat breed

Because of their sociable nature, they’re extra more likely to make mates along with your company however may also present them how they wish to be handled. For that reason, many Ocicats appear to be imply when in actuality, they’re simply being cats.

ocicat cat breed
ocicat cat breed

16. Lykoi

The Lykoi is also called the Werewolf Cat, because of its distinctive wolf coat. Whereas this odd breed routinely sounds imply, they’re really fairly pleasant except triggered to react in any other case.

lykoi cat up close

They’re thought-about to be relatively feral, bearing in mind how comparatively new the breed is. Their nice looking instincts and high-energy ranges make them a little bit of a handful, and as common, they’ll come off as imply to the untrained eye.

black lykoi cat with brown paper bag

The Black-footed cat, additionally titled the small-spotted cat, is the smallest wild cat in Africa. They’re meaner than any of the home cats on this record. Nonetheless, their lovely faces and sassy personalities grant them a chance to look among the many greats (as listed above).

black footed cat
black footed cat

Endemic to the savannas of Southern Africa and thought of a weak species based on IUCN (Worldwide Union for Conservation of Nature), these beauties are significantly ferocious.

black footed cat
black footed cat

Closing Say on Meanest Cat Breeds

Whereas animals, and cats, particularly, get a nasty rap for being imply fighters, they’re a difficult breed to get acquainted with. Attending to know them, nonetheless, might end in a more healthy and comparatively scratch-free relationship.

Understanding these cats are labeled as imply breeds might deter you from loving one, however understand that each cat is exclusive. A generalization will not be all the time an correct illustration of the traits of the cat you might choose up at a shelter.

So don’t be afraid of a Siamese, Lykoi, or Bengal; they’ve received as a lot love to present and would most likely solely be imply to the individuals who deserve it. 

Closeup angle of an Apple-head Siamese cat sitting and looking down on something.
applehead siamese cat

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