What do a bunch of cat veterinarians speak about after they’re hanging out at a celebration collectively? Cat poop, in fact, says Dr. Jean Hofve, holistic veterinarian, writer, and founding father of the positioning Little Big Cat. Why? As a result of the state of a cat’s poop is without doubt one of the quickest methods to assist decide what could be fallacious with an ailing kitty. Poop is essential to your cat’s well being, so it stands to purpose that the place the place it exits, the cat butt, could be, too. Listed here are 4 essential issues it is best to learn about caring for the cat butt.

Dingleberries are only one cat butt downside. Images ©LeventKonuk | Thinkstock.

1. Cat butt dingleberries

In case you have a longhaired cat like my Romeo, you’ve in all probability seen little items of poop clinging to a cat butt every now and then. It’s particularly superior if you uncover this proper after your cat has jumped up in your pillow and your face is 2 inches from the offending clump.

Dingleberries can happen in case your cat’s poop is mushy and is very prevalent in cats with diarrhea. In case your cat has the runs, it’s a good suggestion to get him checked by a vet straight away.