There are a number of the reason why your Dachshund could also be peeing in the home.

Some are below their management and a few aren’t. Some are below your management and a few aren’t.

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Potential Causes Your Dachshund is Peeing within the Home

These are the commonest the reason why a Dachshund pees in the home.

Based mostly on my 15 years of listening to, and studying from, actually hundreds of Dachshund house owners by this weblog and the massive Dachshund membership we run, accidents in the home nearly at all times come all the way down to considered one of these 9 causes.

It is attainable there might be another excuse nevertheless it’s impossible.

1) Your Dachshund just isn’t absolutely potty skilled

Your Dachshund could also be peeing on the ground as a result of they aren’t potty skilled but.

That is, in fact, is the commonest in puppies who nonetheless have quite a bit to find out about expectations and acceptable locations to alleviate themselves.

Nevertheless it’s additionally attainable that atult Dachshunds are peeing on the ground merely as a result of they have been by no means 100% potty skilled.

This may be very true if they’re adopted so that you don’t know their historical past and didn’t have any affect over their early coaching.

Dachshunds can take longer than another breeds to potty practice so maybe the earlier proprietor gave up earlier than 100% potty coaching was achieved.

Maybe the Dachshund you adopted was discovered as a stray and so they developed poor potty coaching habits whereas they have been residing within the wild and will go wherever they wished.

Or maybe your adopted Dachshund was beforehand taught to go on potty pads on the home however you don’t know this or don’t have them in your home.

Canine that study to go on potty pads indoors typically generalize that it’s alright to go potty in a heat, cozy dwelling atmosphere whether or not a potty pad is current or not.

2) You might be asking your Dachshund to carry it too lengthy

This one is fairly straightforward to determine as a result of, on this case, your Dachshund gained’t potty on the ground in case you are solely gone for a couple of hours however will in case you are gone for longer.

It’s additionally one of the widespread causes a pet will go potty on the ground in your home.

A pet has a tiny bladder and, relying on the age, might solely be capable to maintain it for 2-3 hours at a time.

Should you asking your canine to attend too lengthy to alleviate themselves, you might come dwelling to seek out that your Dachshund has gone potty in your ground or of their canine crate.

3) Your Dachshund has a medical situation

Meidcal causes are additionally widespread causes {that a} Dachshund might go potty in the home.

Generally a medical situation has been recognized that’s recognized to trigger elevated urination so you realize to count on there can be accidents every now and then.

However your canine might have a medical situation you aren’t conscious of.

A crimson flag that the reason for accidents in the home could also be a medical situation is that if your Dachshund used to by no means pee in the home and accidents began occurring all of a sudden.

Some widespread medical situations that may trigger a canine to pee on the ground are:

  • Urinary tract an infection (UTI_
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney illness
  • Cushing’s illness (which is quite common in Dachshunds)

There might be different medical causes too.

My first Dachshund developed dementia in his old age. This resulted in him being disoriented and forgetting the place the suitable place to go potty was or, in later years, him probably not realizing the place he was at.

If peeing in the home is a brand new behavior in your Dachshund, please take your canine to the vet for a checkup to rule out an underlying medical trigger.

4) Your Dachshund is avoiding unhealthy climate

Dachshunds are very choosy about what climate they’ll or gained’t exit in.

I joke that Wet Belly Syndrome is among the worst, and commonest, Dachshund afflictions.

If it’s chilly, moist, snowing, or a mix of those, a Dachshund might cease of their tracks on the door and run again inside regardless of how unhealthy they should go potty.

However your Dachshund nonetheless has to go so that they select to go within the consolation of their very own dwelling… in your carpet, vinyl or tile!

If you assume that is the case along with your canine, I counsel utilizing these tips for convincing your Dachshund to go potty outside in cold and wet weather.

5) Your Dachshund is urine marking it’s territory

Male canine are usually those that pee in the home for the aim of marking their territory.

They’re claiming what they pee on as theirs and as a sign to different canine or pets on the home (or that will go to) that they’re the boss of this house.

However, I’ve seen feminine canine do it too.

Whereas she doesn’t do it in the home, my feminine Dachshund Gretel will odor the place by different feminine peed within the yard and pee in the identical place whether or not she already went or not.

I’m not constructive if that’s really “marking”, or some form of assertion of dominance, however the level is that Gretel is doing it in response to smelling pee from one other canine, not as a result of she really has to go potty.

If considered one of your canine’s mark inside, otherwise you transfer right into a home or condo that used to have canine that peed on the ground, your Dachshund might odor it and go in the identical place.

6) Your Dachshund has separation nervousness

This can be a huge one and one which most individuals don’t notice. Canine typically pee on the floor because of separation anxiety.

My first Dachshund Chester used to bother me and make me offended till I discovered what was actually occurring.

I’d take him out to pee after which depart the home solely to come back dwelling to pee on the ground.

This occurred whether or not I used to be gone for two minutes or hours.

It’s particularly irritating if you simply took your Dachshund outdoors to potty however you continue to discovered pee on the ground though you have been solely gone for five minutes.

Nevertheless, I finally realized he was peeing on the ground not as a result of he needed to go however as a result of he grew to become anxious the minute he couldn’t see me or bodily get close to me.

This sort of nervousness known as “separation nervousness”.

If that is the trigger, peeing on the floor is almost always accompanied by excessive barking and being destructive like scratching, digging at, or chewing flooring, partitions, or issues your canine in any other case shouldn’t.

7) Your Dachshund is submissively urinating

I used to be a canine sitter of Dachshunds for five years.

I discovered about submissive urination throughout that point as a result of I couldn’t work out why a Dachshund was peeing on the ground (or me!) the second I approached them to placed on a harness, to pet them, or tried to choose them up.

I wasn’t approaching them in a imply or abrupt method. Actually, I attempted additional arduous to be mild, soothing, and to maneuver sluggish. Nevertheless it nonetheless stored occurring.

In keeping with the Humane Society of the US (HSUS),

“Submissive urination is widespread and regular in puppies, who will often outgrow the habits. However some puppies stay timid into maturity, and submissive urination can change into an issue within the dwelling.”

Submissive urination is almost definitely to occur when a Dachshund is being scolded, an individual approaches them, and when they’re being greeted.

Canine who submissively urinate are often shy, timid, anxious, or in any other case lack good Dachshund confidence.

It might additionally occur if a canine is not sure of the foundations and learn how to behave or has historical past of being handled harshly (particularly once they didn’t know they did something mistaken).

BUT – and that is crucial – the bottom line is {that a} canine takes on a submissive posture when the above issues are occurring and earlier than peeing.

That’s why it’s referred to as submissive urination.

Your canine’s physique language will often point out they’re shy, timid, not sure, or scared proper earlier than they submissively urinate on the ground.

If a canine just isn’t taking up a submissive posture, sich as crouching, tail tucking, or rolling over and exposing their stomach, in conjunction then peeing on the ground just isn’t as a result of submissive urination.

It’s as a result of….

8) Your Dachshund is overly excited

Have you ever ever bought so excited that you just really feel like you possibly can hardly comprise your self? Properly, canine get this too.

And it’s extra widespread since you are their complete world

A canine might change into over-excited if you come dwelling and misplaced management of their bladder, leading to them involuntarily peeing on the ground.

9) Your Dachshund is incontinent

Incontinence is when a canine, for no matter motive, is unable to manage their bodily features and the place they go potty.

Incontinence might be urinary incontinence or fecal incontinence and may occur for a number of causes.

The most common motive for incontinence is outdated age.

Senior canine can begin to lose muscle management, which can lead to them pooping or peeing ion the ground unexpectedly (even for them – they could not notice they’re even doing it).

There’s additionally a situation referred to as spay incontinence.

When a feminine canine is spayed, their physique stops offering the hormones that hold their muscle groups and tendons robust.

This will have an effect on the muscle groups which can be used to manage urination.

Spay incontinence can develop instantly after a spay or may cause a canine to develop it later in life however at an early age than they may in the event that they have been nonetheless intact.

How Do I Cease My Dachshund From Peeing within the Home?

It’s tremendous irritating when your Dachshund begins peeing on the ground in your home.

Continuously cleansing up after your canine will get tiring and may make an proprietor irritable.

You wish to know how one can stop accidents on the ground and instantly.

Listed below are the commonest options.

1) Work on potty coaching

Should you’re unsure your Dachshund is totally potty skilled, hold at it or renew your efforts.

Any Dachshund can profit from a potty coaching refresher.

A canine that had a sudden change in its life – particularly if it’s a brand new dwelling atmosphere – could also be confused and neglect the place the door to exit is or that’s it’s not acceptable to go potty inside this new dwelling atmosphere.

Dahcshunds get a nasty rap for being diffcult to potty practice.

Whereas it’s true that many Dachshunds can take longer to potty practice than some canine, it’s utterly attainable with consistency and by implementing these expert potty training techniques.

In case your Dachshund was beforehand dependable with not going potty in the home and there was sudden change, skip this step and transfer onto #2.

On the very least, get your canine examined on the vet when you are additionally engaged on potty coaching.

2) Rule out medical causes

In case your Dachshund all of a sudden begins peeing on the ground, particularly if it’s accompanied by behaviors comparable to sleeping extra, refusing to eat, and moping about, it might be attributable to a medical problem.

Take your canine to the vet to rule out any underlying medical situations that could be inflicting your Dachshund to potty in the home.

3) Use a canine crate

A canine that’s confined to a canine crate if you depart can really feel safer and fewer anxious.

When your canine just isn’t confused in your absence, they’re much less more likely to have a potty accident if you’re gone.

Additionally, canine see a small house with bedding as a den and canine often keep away from soiling the place they sleep in any respect prices.

There’s a slight probability your Dachshund might go potty within the crate, particularly if it’s too huge for them and gives an excessive amount of “free house”, however a minimum of then it’s contained to a selected, small house within the dwelling.

A canine confined to a crate just isn’t bodily in a position to pee in your ground.

If you wish to go this route, and your canine just isn’t already used to being confined to a crate, you’ll wish to take a look at these articles:

4) Work on separation nervousness

Like I mentioned, separation nervousness is a quite common reason for peeing on the ground in Dachshunds.

Dachshund have a robust tendency to connect to an individual, or their individuals, and might be drastically confused by their absence even when it’s just for a couple of minutes (bear in mind, canine can’t inform time).

Should you assume your Dachshund might have separation nervousness, take a look at these Tips from a dog trainer to help relieve separation anxiety.

You can too discover coaching movies on YouTube about separation nervousness like this one from Pupford Canine Coaching: Separation Anxiety Overview with Amber Aquart CPDT-KA

5) Desensitize your canine

In case your canine is peeing out of submission, worry, or pleasure, you possibly can work to cut back these emotional responses to your actions.

The answer will most likely be a mix of barely altering the best way you do issues and likewise doing them time and again till your canine doesn’t assume they’re an enormous deal.

For instance, in case your canine is peeing out of pleasure, strive utterly ignoring them if you first enter the home.

You can too strive dialing down the extent of pleasure in your greeting.

Remaining calm, and performing prefer it’s no huge deal, if you depart or return to the home will help your canine keep calm and have much less accidents on the ground.

Many house owners, myself included, speak to my canine in an excited voice once I come within the door, get on the ground with them for kisses, and waive the closest canine toy of their face to have interaction.

Nevertheless, this usually escalates your canine’s pleasure.

In case your canine begins to see you coming dwelling as simply one other benign motion, they could not get excited to the extent that they lose management of their bladder.

In regard to submissive urination, I discovered it helped if I bought down on the ground with the Dachshund earlier than I began petting them or placing their harness on, moderately than reaching down from above.

Approaching a canine from above can really feel scary and trigger submissive, appeasing habits.

6) Use stomach bands or diapers

Im an enormous propoent of setting a canine up for fulfillment.

In case you have tried coaching options, or want the difficulty corrected instantly, typically you need to bodily stop a canine from peeing on the ground.

Crating your Dachshund if you’re out of the home, like talked about above, is an efficient bodily administration device.

However you possibly can’t depart your canine within the crate if you’re dwelling and doubtless don’t wish to.

When my senior canine began peeing on the ground on a regular basis, I needed to change my mindset and get creative with solutions.

Should you can’t management why your canine has accidents on the ground, a diaper or stomach band could also be your answer.

Probably the greatest options for us, since I knew it was his dementia inflicting the accidents and I couldn’t change that, was to discover a stomach band that match him and that he couldn’t wiggle out of.

It took a couple of tries however I lastly discovered one (click on the article hyperlink above to seek out out which of them I exploit) and, all of a sudden, accidents on the ground stopped.

He nonetheless peed in the home nevertheless it simply went into the diaper as a substitute of on the ground or carpet.


It may be maddening when your Dachshund often pees on the ground.

Particularly if its one thing that began occurring all of a sudden when it was by no means an issue earlier than.

There might be a number of causes – some which have easy, quick-acting options and a few which can be behavioral and can take a while to right with coaching.

However don’t quit. There is an answer that can get your Dachshund to cease peeing on the ground finally. You simply have to determine what it’s.

Within the meantime, strive to not scold your Dachshund or get annoyed.

Your Dachshund can sense your feelings and doign both could make the difficulty worse, not higher.

For now, the very best response is to not make an enormous deal of it and clear up the mess.

It's frustrating when your Dachshund goes potty inside the house on your floor. Here are 9 reasons it may be happening... and how to stop it.

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