No, it’s not a elaborate feline off to a celebration in Venice (though it does sound prefer it, doesn’t it?). There’s an excellent likelihood you haven’t heard of this curious sort of kitty earlier than. However by the point you’ve completed this text, you’ll have discovered all of the stuff you by no means knew you wanted to know. 

In case you’re a bit extra up-to-date in your Siberian cat colors, there’s an opportunity the quirky identify of this kitty is ringing bells, although. It’s a really stunning specimen, prized for its attractiveness and nice temperament.

However don’t let me give all of it away at first — take a dive into this text on the Neva Masquerade cat and grow to be an professional on them very quickly. 


9 Issues to know concerning the Neva Masquerade Cat

1. A Little bit of Historical past

You’d suppose this was a breed that sat alongside the likes of the Rum Tum Tugger and Mr. Mistopheles, however no, T.S. Eliot isn’t liable for cooking up this fancy feline. So the place did this uncommon kitty come from, precisely? 

The primary ones have been established round 1970 and have been the results of cross-breeding Siberian cats with Siamese cats in Russia. The objective was to have the physique and wonderful lengthy coat of the Siberian with the blue eyes and colorpoint of the Siamese. The breed is called after the Neva River close to St. Petersburg, the realm in Russia the place it was first developed and, coincidentally, lots of masquerade events occurred. 

The black or grey coloring on the Neva Masquerade’s face was paying homage to the masks worn by party-goers. Because the breed was developed, Russian officers started to offer them as diplomatic presents attributable to their rarity. 


Picture by Castell3 from Pixabay

2. How Frequent Are Neva Masquerade Cats?

They’re fairly uncommon, particularly outdoors of Russia. There are just a few choose breeders within the US, however they’re few and much between, so litters are much less frequent. Nonetheless, individuals do pay large bucks to have these fairly kitties imported if their heart is so set on having one. 

In case you’re decided to seek out one in America, you gained’t see certainly one of these pretties sitting in a shelter, so that you’ll want to hunt out a breeder with a longtime colorpoint of their dams and sires. Anticipate to should put your identify on a ready record or three for a kitten with the appropriate coloring to pop up. 

Their value vary is greater than that of a normal purebred cat, sitting between $800 – $1,200.  

Neva masquerade Siberian cat with blue eyes.

3. Controversy In regards to the Breed

Some organizations don’t acknowledge the Neva Masquerade as a separate breed however moderately as a sub-breed of Siberians due to their quite a few similarities. The primary variations are within the distinct pointed colorings that individuals love, in order that they’re typically categorized as Siberians with completely different colorations. 

Then again, there are some events which might be keen to simply accept it as a stand-alone breed. Whether or not you acknowledge it formally or not, it doesn’t change how a lot you’ll love your stunning furry pal. 

4. Look

Simply as Maine Coons coat patterns are what they’re prized for, Neva Masquerade cats are beloved for his or her distinctive colours. 

These beautiful rarities amongst felines sometimes have all-white our bodies with a number of colour factors of brown, black, or blue-ish gray on their paws, face, and ears. Professionals discern these colours with correct phrases akin to seal, Tabby golden shaded, and silver blue lynx. 

neva masquerade cat with gold face

Picture Kelian Ppleger from Pexels

Their eyes are at all times blue, due to the albino Siamese gene. In addition they lack the enzyme tyrosinase, which produces melanin, ensuing of their white physique fur. Whereas they at all times have ear and face colour factors, there’s the chance that your Neva Masquerade may need white paws as an alternative of coloured ones. 

5. What’s Their Temperament?

Neva Masquerade cats are inclined to have the personality of the Siberian breed and are described as “dog-like” with a canine’s devotion to their human. They’re playful, love to have interaction with individuals, and are tremendous friendly. They’re a bit greater than common, often reaching 10 – 20 kilos. 

They’re additionally fairly lively cats, so should you can’t sustain with their power you may need to spend money on some partaking toys like a laser pointer to maintain them entertained and engaged. They’ve a excessive intelligence stage and are glad to study methods as a result of they’re people-orientated. 

They’ll even stroll on a leash, too. In fact, the sooner you begin coaching them, the higher. Don’t neglect that they’ll have a cussed streak in them, so they may not at all times reply to coaching until there’s one thing in it for them. 

This breed is thought for being a little bit of an obnoxious loudmouth, although — they offer zero fluffs about speaking loudly and infrequently. Hey, it may be fairly cute and it makes for some enjoyable TikToks. However should you’re searching for a quiet, lazy lump that’ll lie fortunately within the sunshine all day in your sofa, this isn’t the cat for you. 

6. Are They Hypoallergenic?

The reply is that they are often. Ranges of the Fel-d1 protein in our cute kitties are what’s liable for the allergic response in people, and whereas Siberians have low ranges of this protein, Siamese cats don’t. 


Picture by Jasmine Pang from Pexels

This has resulted in a mixture of hypoallergenic traits in Neva Masquerade cats. Some take after their Siberian ancestors and have examined with very low ranges of Fel-d1, whereas others have examined with excessive ranges. 

So relying on the cat and which genetic part they’ve picked up, chances are you’ll or might not find yourself with a hypoallergenic kitty. If each dad and mom are hypoallergenic, although, there’s the next likelihood the kittens might be too.

7. How A lot Grooming Do They Want?

They’re a long-haired breed, so grooming must grow to be a daily a part of your (and their) life. They’re really one of many few breeds whose coats change size via the seasons, which might make grooming a bit sophisticated. 

Their summer time coats are shorter and infrequently don’t require any further consideration. Their winter coat, then again, is lengthy and thick and must be brushed regularly to stop matting. The draw back is that, once they’re switching between seasonal coats, they shed rather a lot

In the event that they’re busy dropping their thick winter coat, brushing them a bit extra often to assist take away the free fur will enable you to maintain it underneath management and shorten the shedding interval. 

8. Do Neva Masquerade Cats Have Well being Considerations?

There aren’t any well being considerations particular to the Neva Masquerade cat as a result of it’s such a rare breed that there aren’t sufficient of them on the earth to know. So the following neatest thing to do is take a look at their extraordinarily shut ancestors, Siberian cats, seeing as they’re nearly an identical apart from the coloring. 


Picture by Jonas from Pixabay

For essentially the most half, it’s a wholesome breed that lives for 8 – 10 years. The Siberian’s growth as a breed was not interfered with by people, for essentially the most half, leading to naturally wholesome genetics and never many congenital issues.

That being mentioned, on the uncommon prevalence they might develop hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, nevertheless it’s the one severe situation they’ve been recognized to get. In any other case the one different primary issues to fret about are frequent illnesses that have an effect on most cats, which vaccinations ought to cowl. 

9. Do They Get On with Different Pets?

If launched at an early age, as a kitten they’re extra prone to settle for different pets within the residence. In the event that they’re older, although, they might react extra fearfully and territorially and require a time period to regulate to the brand new addition. 

Wrap Up on the Neva Masquerade Cat

Whereas a large a part of coveting this cat is only for its beautiful and distinctive seems, should you plan to spend money on one, be ready for all of the power and love they’re going to bathe you with. They are often tough to seek out within the first place, however should you’re fortunate sufficient to say one as your personal, you’ll get pleasure from years of devotion from an clever and delightful breed. 

Siberian Neva masquerade cat
Siberian Neva masquerade cat

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