By no means heard of a calico maine coon cat earlier than? Or possibly you could have and by no means realized simply how particular it’s? Be ready for a heap of schooling about this attractive cat’s coat sample, its variations, limitations, and total desirability.   

It’s possible you’ll acknowledge their iconic patchy patterns from conventional orange, black, and white Japanese Maneki Neko or “Fortunate Cat” collectible figurines (Maneki Neko). 

Cats with this signature sample are mentioned to draw good luck and prosperity, not solely in Japan however in lots of cultures world wide. 

Now don’t go complicated a tortoiseshell coat (one other popular cat color) with a calico — tortoiseshells’ colours are normally blended or blended, and there’s little to no white fur. As you’ll see, that is fairly completely different from a calico coat. 

Let’s get straight to it. 

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What’s a Calico Maine Coon?

It could sound like a definite breed, however “calico” merely refers back to the colours of your kitty’s coat. So a calico cat is usually a Persian, a Manx, or a number of different cat breeds. Maine Coons simply occur to be one among them.

For a cat to be thought of a calico, it should meet the next standards: its coat should include three colours, specifically white, black, and orange. The colours are normally in patches, resembling the multi-colored calico material that was as soon as imported from England to India. White is normally the primary colour, and the distribution patterns of orange and black fur will range from cat to cat. 

Now, you will get totally orange Maine Coons, however the calico sample is much extra uncommon and should embrace the black and white colours to qualify.

What Varieties of Calico Maine Coon Patterns Are There?

Sure, there may be multiple sort of calico sample: eight of them, to be exact. And right here they’re:

1. Dense Calico

The most typical sort of calico in Maine Coons, the coloration varies from 25%–75% white and 25%–75% orange and black.

2. Dilute Calico

Much like the dense calico, however the colours are extra muted in order that the black seems extra blue or gray

Image by Anna Sulencka from Pixabay

3. Dense Shell Calico

The dense shell calico Maine Coon has a white base with patches of orange and black. On their sides, again, face, and legs, the tip of every hair is both black or orange. 

4. Dilute Shell Calico

Precisely the identical because the dense shell calico, besides that the colours are pale by comparability. Black will seem blue, and orange will appear cream.

5. Dense Shaded Calico

These calicoes have a base of white with black and orange unbridled patches. Additionally they have a shading of orange and black on the perimeters, tail, and face. They have a tendency to seem darker than commonplace calicoes. 

calico maine coon kitten

6. Dilute Shaded Calico

Once more, the black and orange are diluted to blue and cream on this colour variation of the calico. Even so, a dilute shaded calico will nonetheless seem darker than a dilute commonplace calico. 

7. Dense Smoke Calico

These calico Maine Coons would possibly seem like the identical as a dense calico at first. However look nearer and also you’ll see the unbridled patches of orange and black have a white undercoat.

8. Dilute Smoke Calico

You guessed it — the coloration is similar because the dense smoke calico apart from the diluted grey and cream colours. 

calico maine coon cat 2

Why Are Most Calico Maine Coons Feminine?

It looks like a bizarre truth, however calico Maine Coons are nearly at all times females. The rationale comes all the way down to easy genetics. All embryos within the womb, human and cat alike, are inherently feminine as they every carry a single X chromosome. 

The sperm comes alongside and deposits both one other X chromosome or a Y chromosome, which determines whether or not the little furball shall be a male or feminine. A feminine could have two X chromosomes, and a male could have an XY chromosome combo. 

The beautiful orange coloring that makes a calico a calico is carried on the X chromosome — one X chromosome will produce orange fur, and the opposite will produce black fur. The male Y chromosome doesn’t carry the orange coloring, so male cats that end result from the litter will extraordinarily not often be basic calicoes. 


Picture by Blaue-Rose from Pixabay

As a substitute, they’ll most likely be a mixture of white and black solely, as they’ll additionally carry the black pigment, and both mum or dad can go on their white coloring. 

There are at all times outliers, although, and roughly one in 3,000 male kittens could have a genetic abnormality that enables them to have orange fur. However breeders golf equipment don’t settle for them as a result of they’re normally frail and much too uncommon. 

There are many British and American pet house owners who take into account these distinctive males to be very fortunate pets, although, because of the huge unlikelihood of their existence. 

Is it Tough to Breed Calico Maine Coons?

Briefly, sure, it may be a problem to get calico Maine Coon kittens. This isn’t solely as a result of they nearly at all times should be feminine and there’s no assure what number of females you’ll get in a litter, although. 

dark ginger maine coon cat stares are maine coon cats friendly
Maine Coon

The proper genetic storm has to come back collectively to make sure a calico sample. So true calico kittens are a randomized blessing from nature extra usually than the results of decided breeding. Even with calico-born mother and father, there may be nonetheless no assure all three colours shall be current within the tiny furballs they produce. 

Because of this, calico cats normally are a rarity, together with calico Maine Coons. 

Calico Maine Coon Temperament

There’s a rumor amongst calico Maine Coon house owners that this specific colour number of Maine Coon is extra sassy and vibrant in character. They even check with it as “fortitude.” Maybe they’re extra feisty and willful than their non-calico counterparts, however that is greater than doubtless on account of nurture moderately than nature. 

How, you would possibly surprise? Properly, they’re over-the-top stunning and pretty uncommon, so their people are inclined to fuss over them extra and allow them to get their far more usually, resulting in a spunky angle. 

Aside from that, calico Maine Coons are inclined to exhibit the traits of your typical Maine Coon. Maine Coons are friendly, clever, and playful pets with a capability to tolerate poking and prodding, making them nice for properties with youngsters and different pets. Early socialization will encourage this much more.


Picture by Jan Barkmann from Pixabay

Until you occur to have pet rodents, that’s: Maine Coons have a critically excessive prey drive, so their intuition shall be to hunt and destroy all mice and their bigger kin. So in case you have any of those cute critters, it’s possible you’ll need to spend money on good cages and security measures.  

Grooming a Calico Maine Coon

It’s possible you’ll be questioning, do Maine Coons shed? It’s one of many pure issues when choosing a pet, because you’ll need to know if it’s a must to consider grooming and eradicating undesirable hair from garments and furnishings. 

With such a beautiful silky coat that continues to be clean simply and sheds frivolously, Maine Coons will certainly want some upkeep, however not in extreme quantities. An honest brush as soon as every week is sweet sufficient for them.  

The place Can I Get a Calico Maine Coon?

Whereas calico Maine Coons do sadly discover themselves at shelters every so often, they have a tendency to get picked up at lightning velocity because of the reputation of their coats. 

You may additionally get one from a verified breeder, however in the event you do select this route as a substitute of attempting your luck with the shelters, ensure the breeder is reputable. Good breeders could have vaccinated and genetically examined kittens with well being certificates obtainable from 10–14 weeks of age. 

Earlier than you get a bit weirded out by genetic testing, it’s solely to determine any probably problematic genes that will manifest in congenital illness later in life. Nevertheless, good breeders breed with good wholesome inventory, in order that they intention to supply kittens that shall be much less more likely to get sick


Picture by Annalisa Ideler from Pixabay

Dangerous breeders will breed nearly any cat to try to get a calico sample, even with a cat that isn’t essentially calico only for the “proper” colour. So don’t be afraid to ask questions in regards to the mother and father and demand on seeing them in particular person. 

Remaining Ideas on Calico Maine Coons

Calico cats could be ubiquitous in folklore and popular culture, however they’re tougher to search out in actual life. It’s not only a popular Maine Coon color combo, in any case: it’s one of many rarest and most extremely sought-after patterns you will get. If you will get them, that’s. 

Even reputable breeders can have problem guaranteeing a calico kitty. So if you end up the proprietor of one among these “fortunate cats”, take into account your self fortunate certainly!

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Maine Coon

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