Have you ever ever seen your cat staring deeply at a clean area—or responding to a sound that you could’t hear? Might it’s that they’re sensing a presence from the ‘past’? Can cats see ghosts?

All through the centuries, cats have been the topic of fable and folklore. They’ve been concurrently revered and feared; they’re thought of unhealthy luck by some and good luck by others. Individuals harbor many alternative beliefs about these furry felines.

Let’s take a deep dive into whether or not cats can see ghosts or not. We’ll cowl every part from cat behaviors to superstitious beliefs and even check out how these furry felines have been handled in previous cultures. All these elements will help clarify why some individuals imagine these family pets are extra linked to the non secular world than we people are.

Can cats see ghosts? Let’s discover all of the totally different elements of that query so you possibly can provide you with your individual reply.


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Cat’s Senses vs. Human Senses

Cats have extra innate sensory talents than people do. Contemplating they’re each prey and predator animals, they want these sharper senses to assist them pursue prey and escape predators. Let’s check out a cat’s 5 totally different senses and see how they evaluate to human senses.

Imaginative and prescient

Cats have the sting on people in the case of a number of elements of imaginative and prescient. They’ve a wider area of view than people do and are capable of see 200 levels, whereas people solely have a 180-degree area of view.

In addition they have a larger vary of peripheral imaginative and prescient, which permits them to identify issues out of the nook of their eyes higher.

Cats are crepuscular, that means they’re most lively at twilight, which is earlier than dawn and after sundown. This implies they’ve good night time imaginative and prescient. Their eyes have six to eight occasions extra rod cells than people, which permits them to sense movement in the dead of night higher than we are able to.

White Khao Manee cat with different color eyes.

Nevertheless, people can see higher than cats in a number of circumstances too. People can see higher within the daylight than cats can. We’re additionally capable of see a full vary of colours, whereas it’s believed {that a} cat’s imaginative and prescient is proscribed to blue and grey colours.

Contemplating most individuals affiliate ghosts with the darkish, and since cats do see higher than people in the dead of night, this could be the explanation some individuals imagine our feline associates can see ghosts. When actually, a cat might simply be recognizing one thing with their night time imaginative and prescient that people can’t choose up as simply.

Listening to

Cats have an auditory functionality past people. They’ve cone-shaped ears that assist amplify sound waves. In addition they have 32 ear muscle groups that permit them to maneuver their ears as much as 180 levels and pinpoint sounds. People, then again, solely have six ear muscle groups and are usually not able to swiveling their ears.

So far as listening to limits go, people and cats share the same decrease listening to restrict, which is round 20 Hz. Each people and cats battle to choose up something decrease than this.

white cat with pointy ears and green eyes white cat names

Nevertheless, there’s an enormous distinction within the higher limits of cat and human listening to. People hear frequencies of as much as 20,000 Hz, however cats can hear sounds as much as 64,000 Hz—greater than thrice greater than we are able to.

This delicate listening to may clarify why your cat searches the room and appears in several instructions for one thing that doesn’t appear to be there. It’d simply be that they’re making an attempt to determine the place a noise is coming from.

Whisker Contact

The whiskers of a cat serve essential capabilities. These specialised hairs help their imaginative and prescient and assist them navigate the world. Even one thing as delicate as airflow or vibrations is picked up by a cat’s whiskers and transmitted to its mind.

A cat’s whiskers assist them discover their environment with extra precision. Might this sensory gear additionally be capable of choose up on paranormal exercise? The jury continues to be out on this one.

black cat face


Cats beat out people in the case of their sense of smell. People have about 5 million odor detectors of their noses, whereas cats have greater than 200 million. This implies cats can smell about 14 occasions higher than people.

Cats even have one other scent detector, referred to as the Jacobson’s organ, which is situated within the higher portion of their mouth. In case you’ve ever seen a cat observing one thing with its mouth barely open, it could be as a result of it’s utilizing its olfactory organ to smell one thing out.

So how does this sense relate to ghosts? Properly, individuals have reported selecting up totally different scents once they imagine a spirit is current. Some examples of this may embrace fragrance, cigarettes, or different odor-emitting substances favored by a cherished one which’s handed on.

Close up look of a cat's pinkish nose and its mouth with its whiskers around it.


Whereas it’s debatable whether or not you possibly can see, hear, really feel, and even scent the presence of ghosts or spirits, I believe we are able to all agree that style in all probability doesn’t come into play. However only for the sake of evaluating the 5 senses between cats and people, it’s value noting that our feline associates fall brief on this sense.

A cat’s sense of style shouldn’t be as pronounced as a human’s. Cats have solely 474 style buds on their tongue, whereas people have over 9,000.

Do Cats Possess a Sixth Sense?

Cats-sixth-sense can cats see ghosts

Picture from Grant Durr on Unsplash

A sixth sense is a time period that typically refers back to the energy of notion past our 5 senses. 

Whereas it’s true that cats have extra heightened senses in comparison with people, this doesn’t essentially imply they’ve a sixth sense.

A cat’s sharp senses give them the power to detect delicate adjustments within the atmosphere extra successfully than people. In addition they are usually extra attuned to their environment than people are.

Individuals have reported cats with the ability to predict issues like being pregnant or illness. Some anticipating moms say their cat started performing in another way main as much as a optimistic being pregnant check. Equally, folks that turned sick reported their cats being additional clingy and craving their consideration.

Untitled design

Nevertheless, most consultants theorize that cats weren’t predicting these occasions. As an alternative, their heightened senses in all probability made them conscious of adjustments of their house owners’ lives.

When ladies turn into pregnant, their physique chemistry adjustments. Blood circulation will increase, which will increase their temperature, and adjustments in hormones have an effect on their private scent. Probably, it’s these adjustments {that a} cat is selecting up on.

Likewise, when individuals get sick, their scent can change as their immune system goes into overdrive. Cats really feel safer round scents they’re aware of, and odors that they don’t acknowledge may intrigue them. That is in all probability the explanation that your cat may start to cling carefully to you.

Uncommon Cat Habits

Cats show all several types of conduct which will appear odd at first. Nevertheless, there’s normally a superb rationalization as to why your cat is performing just a little off. Listed here are some unusual but explainable behaviors you’ll have seen in your kitty-cat.

Arching Their Backs

Cat’s arch their backs for a variety of causes. Generally it simply means your cat wants to play or is stretching. It might additionally imply that they’re scared. On this case, the stance is to make them seem bigger and to scare away the menace.

Bengal cat with its back arched.


Seeing your cat shake may fear you. Whereas it might imply they’re affected by a medical ailment, it might additionally simply imply they’ve an irregular physique temperature and both have to warmth up or cool down. Panic, concern, and anxiousness may also trigger a cat to shake, so it’s greatest to monitor your cat and keep watch over the scenario till they’re again to regular.

Meowing at Night time


Picture from ClaraMD on Pixabay

Listening to your cat meowing at night may startle you, and though this may be annoying conduct, it’s normally nothing to fret about. Issues that may trigger your furry pal to name out at ungodly hours embrace previous age, mating conduct, your cat wanting consideration, or just that their litter box wants freshening up.

Cats and Superstition

Cats are seen by many as mysterious creatures. For hundreds of years, they’ve been linked with superstition, some good and a few unhealthy. Let’s check out a number of myths surrounding cats from around the globe.

Black Cats and White Cats


Picture from David Bartus on Pexels

One of the well-known superstitions is about having good luck or unhealthy luck when you cross the trail of a black cat. In Britain, Ireland, and Japan, it’s thought of good luck to cross the trail of a black cat. In Germany, it’s additionally thought of a superb omen, however provided that the cat crosses your path from left to proper.

Within the US and India, nevertheless, if a black cat crosses in entrance of you, it’s suggested to show round and take one other path, or unhealthy luck will follow.

In Scotland, if a black cat arrives at your property unexpectedly, it means prosperity will comply with.

Again within the day, British sailors took cats on long journeys with them. They believed that black cats introduced good luck and ensured a secure return voyage residence.

White Persian-cat lying on ground.

The controversy about whether or not white cats have a superb or unhealthy omen connected to them is extra divided. Many cultures imagine that white cats symbolize purity and innocence. In sure elements of Asia, together with Japan and China, they’re typically related to happiness, luck, and purity.

Have you ever ever seen the statues of white cats in Asian shops waving one in every of their paws? These smiling kitties are referred to as Maneki-Neko (beckoning cat) and are believed to convey good luck to the proprietor of the store.

Within the UK, nevertheless, white cats are normally seen as symbols of unhealthy luck. This stems from their white shade, which is linked to ghosts and spirits. In England, if a white cat enters your property, it’s believed that your cash and luck will exit your home when the cat does too.

Cats and Halloween

Cats and Halloween go hand in hand. Black cats, specifically, are one of many in style symbols of the season. They’re lumped into the identical spooky class as ghosts, vampires, and witches.

Halloween Black Cat Witch With Pumpkin

So why are these family pets in style imagery for this spooky vacation? It looks as if it’s their affiliation with witchcraft. Again within the day, it was generally believed that witches might take the type of a cat. So principally, it looks as if it’s a cat’s affiliation with witches that makes it one of the in style Halloween symbols.

How Previous Cultures Considered Cats

Many cultures have related cats with ghosts, spirits, and the afterlife. For no matter cause, individuals have had some fairly sturdy opinions on these domesticated animals over time. Let’s travel again in time and study how the historic hyperlink between cats and spirits could also be why some individuals imagine they’re able to seeing ghosts.

Cats and Medieval Europe

In Medieval Europe, the concern of witchcraft was widespread. It was generally believed that witches, and even the satan, might take the type of a cat at will. For that reason, cats have had a fairly unhealthy status.

Non secular figures publicly denounced cats, particularly black cats. Pope Gregory IX instructed the plenty that cats have been evil and in league with Devil. Pope Harmless VIII revealed a decree selling the ritual sacrifice of cats throughout sure spiritual holidays.

person in black hat seen from behind with a white cat

Nevertheless, not everybody wrote off cats utterly. Even when they didn’t benefit from the family standing as cute companions as they do as we speak, they have been nonetheless seen as helpful animals to maintain for sustaining rodent populations.

Fortunately, after centuries of persecution, Louis XIV of France helped pave the best way in direction of the tip of cat oppression. In 1648, he prohibited the sacrificial killing of cats.

Cats and Colonial America

When the Puritan Pilgrims got here to colonial America on the Mayflower, they carried with them a deeply religious perception in God and the Bible. In addition they carried excessive suspicion of something they thought could possibly be linked with Devil.

The Pilgrims regarded the black cat as a companion to witches, who have been broadly believed to be in step with witchcraft and the Satan. Whereas different coloured cats would have been welcome on the ship and of their properties resulting from their capability to kill undesirable rodents, black cats typically met an premature finish.

Cats and Thailand


Picture from webandi on Pixabay

Lots of of years in the past, when Thailand was referred to as Siam, Siamese cats have been beloved members of the royal household. In reality, they have been so treasured that solely royalty was allowed to have them as pets.

Siam royalty believed that when a member of their noble household handed away, a Siamese cat would purchase their soul. Due to this, these lovely cats have been thought to carry particular powers and have been handled to a really luxurious way of life.

This breed of cat is thought for being very affectionate in direction of its house owners, just like canine. They’re additionally light, loving, protecting, and love to speak. They have a tendency to comply with their house owners round and beg for his or her consideration.

chocolate point siamese cat

It’s cheap to imagine that this sort of conduct might have led members of the royal household to imagine that it was the soul of their deceased family members making an attempt to attach with them once more.

Enjoyable truth: The Siamese cat will get its title from the nation it’s indigenous to. What we as we speak name Thailand was as soon as referred to as Siam.

Cats and Historical Egypt

Ancient Egyptians revered cats. They have been depicted in social and non secular practices for 1000’s of years. Sure historic Egyptian deities have been displayed with cat-like heads, corresponding to Mafdet, Mut, Bastet, and Sekhmet.

So why did cats maintain such a strong place in historic Egyptian tradition? Properly, there are a number of causes.

illustration of black egyptian cat

The Egyptians believed that their gods might freely inhabit animals, together with cats, and use them as vessels. In addition they believed that felines might talk with spirits and function mediators between the spirit and human realms. This gave cats an elevated standing in society.

Right this moment, we are likely to joke about how our furry feline pets really feel like they’re superior members of the family, and it looks as if this may even have roots going again to historic Egypt.

Seeing Ghosts vs. Indicators of Stress

Whereas it might appear funny or lighthearted to see your cat reacting to one thing that isn’t there, if this turns into repeated conduct, it could be an indication that your cat is reacting to a demanding atmosphere. If that is so, be sure that to carefully study the scenario and eradicate any triggers that you just really feel could also be inflicting your furry pal stress or anxiousness.

Can Cats See Ghosts? | Ultimate Ideas

Over time, cats have been related to many myths and superstitions. They have been seen as god-like in historic Egypt, whereas in medieval Europe and colonial America, they have been seen as evil and demonic. In lots of western nations, each October, cats are positioned in the identical class as ghosts and different scary figures.

What’s extra, cats have heightened senses in comparison with people, so it’s completely comprehensible that they could react to issues that people don’t choose up on. However does their surprising conduct imply they’re seeing ghosts? I suppose that’s one thing we would by no means really know.

black siberian cat

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