When you’ve got cats, you might have seen one thing. They sleep rather a lot. You might also have famous that they will sleep much more in winter than in summer time. Or do they? Do cats sleep extra in winter? It definitely appears that means, and as this text will discover, there could also be good causes for that.

After all, “extra” is a relative idea. So, what can we imply once we say {that a} cat sleeps extra in winter? Cats have a normal popularity for sleeping rather a lot, so we’ll take a look at what’s thought-about regular for a cat’s sleep cycle. 

We will even take a look at when to be involved about your cat’s sleep and what different elements to think about earlier than you name a vet. After fall, winter generally is a battle for us people, too; who needs to get off the bed on a cold winter’s morning?

Let’s take a enjoyable dive into whether or not cats do sleep extra in winter.

Two tabby kittens cuddling each other while asleep.

Cats and Sleeping: What’s Regular?

So, most of us already know that cats love sleeping. How long do cats sleep? On common, a cat will sleep between 12 and 16 hours every day. That’s completely regular for a cat, which is described as following a crepuscular conduct sample (lively earlier than dawn and simply after sundown). For readability, people are sometimes diurnal, which means they’re most lively through the day. 

Cats, on the opposite hand, don’t sleep solely as people do. They do expertise REM sleep, the place they usually appear to be dreaming with little twitches of their paws and whiskers. In addition they usually expertise a barely lighter sleep, the place their senses are nonetheless comparatively alert. 

It’s extra akin to deep rest, a non-REM state of relaxation. Cats drift out and in of REM sleep and recurrently transfer about between their sleep bouts. For this reason they might not lie in a single place for very lengthy however are joyful to shift to a brand new spot to easily sleep some extra. 

tabby cat asleep do cats sleep more in winter

Cats additionally sometimes expertise two particular bouts of excessive alertness and vitality, as soon as simply earlier than dawn and the opposite simply after sundown. That is seemingly a genetically inherited trait associated to trying to find small prey that occurs to be lively at these occasions. 

What Occurs to Cats in Winter?

Cats are normally pretty good at self-care in colder climate. They’ll discover heat areas when required to assist them preserve heat. In excessive climates, nonetheless, it’s nonetheless essential to make sure that your cat can simply entry heat indoor areas. 

Cats used to being outside will seemingly keep indoors extra. They’re vulnerable to situations like hypothermia, identical to different mammals. For those who live in a snowy or icy local weather, know that cats may endure frostbite to their extremities. 

Norwegian forest cat in the snow

Cats’ physique temperatures are usually hotter than human’s. In the event that they battle to manage this temperature correctly, it will possibly result in critical issues. For that reason, resting and sleeping extra might merely be consistent with preserving physique warmth and vitality. 

However, assuming your cat has entry to shelter and a great heat kitty mattress or blanket, you solely want to watch different behaviors to find out whether or not it’s joyful. It could nonetheless enterprise out, however it should seemingly be for brief durations and hopefully not very far.

Do Cats Sleep Extra in Winter? 

So we all know that cats wish to sleep. The query is whether or not they truly sleep extra in winter than they do in summer time and whether or not it is a good factor. As people, we would ponder whether it’s truly doable for any wholesome animal to sleep greater than 16 hours per day. Cats appear to do it effortlessly. 

Siberian cat walking on snow shaking its fur.

A number of elements go into whether or not a cat will sleep extra. A few of it has to do with the colder temperatures, and a few of it might need to do with fewer sunlight hours obtainable. Some research even recommend cats sleep much less deeply within the chilly, requiring them to relaxation extra total.

The quantity of sleep itself will not be essentially an indicator of an issue. Like people, generally cats choose to remain nonetheless and preserve heat in chilly climate. Nevertheless, sure accompanying behaviors might reveal extra about your cat’s state of physique and thoughts. However let’s not get too far forward of ourselves. It’s much more helpful to take a look at a broader image on the subject of how your cat’s conduct modifications in winter.  

Can Cats Get Depressed in Winter?

Consider it or not, it’s strongly suspected by homeowners and a few specialists that cats can get depressed or endure from heightened nervousness in winter. The query is debatable. Cats are also very delicate to modifications round a house, together with your routines. So your cat might not turn out to be anxious due to winter itself however due to modifications in your house introduced on by the seasonal modifications. 

bengal cat with green eyes stares at camera

In case your common routine modifications throughout winter, chances are high your cat might choose up on it and take a while to regulate to it. Its conduct could be interpreted as despair and even nervousness. Cats additionally appear to tune into your personal moods and emotions. They could merely be you and feeling equally low.

Whichever that care, the time period Seasonal Affective Disorder is used to explain uncommon cat conduct throughout this time. A part of the SAD conduct includes cats sleeping extra, seeming torpid, or generally even eating much less or in no way. 

On this context, extra sleep is ok in and of itself. However we have to preserve an eye on the latter behaviors –- lethargy and lack of urge for food –- with a purpose to decide whether or not one thing is flawed.

Extra About SAD (Seasonal Affective Dysfunction)

Firstly, it have to be famous that generally a cat’s change in conduct could also be a response to different routines altering across the house. In lots of circumstances, the adjustment corrects itself after a while, and a cat will resume its regular conduct as soon as settled.

Vet holding a thermometer doing a checkup up on the greyish cat.

Virtually any change can set off such conduct. Maybe the lack of a family member or the introduction of a brand new pet, and sure, even the onset of your winter routine in your house. Whereas SAD isn’t but a universally accepted situation when it comes to prognosis, it’s helpful to treat it as a normal state that your cat can expertise. 

In case your cat appears to be affected by unusually torpid or listless conduct for an prolonged interval, chances are you’ll need to seek the advice of a vet for different doable causes. 

What Can You Do To Assist Your Cat By means of the Winter?

The excellent news is that you may attempt a number of issues to assist get your cat past the winter funk. Cats, like most pets, get pleasure from a bit of little bit of psychological stimulation and interplay. This can assist a bit of with the winter blues. 

Present Extra Sunshine and Happiness

Chances are high your cat’s favourite spot to loosen up in summer time is within the rays of the solar. Maybe it has a spot on a sunny sofa the place the solar’s heat glow can warmth that stomach. In winter, the solar is probably not round that a lot. However in the event you do have sunny winters, transferring its favourite cat blanket to the place it may be within the solar may assist rather a lot. 


Keep in mind, having a kitty sleep extra will not be essentially an issue. However being in a sunny, warmish spot might elevate its happiness only a bit to keep away from a deeper lethargy. It would additionally present the kitty with a view of the surface if it’s by a window. 

The cat might not need to go exterior when it’s chilly, however that doesn’t imply it doesn’t need to see what’s taking place. The birds and exercise outside are good to watch, even when they aren’t precisely reachable. 

A Warning on Fireplaces and Heaters

Train some warning on the subject of heaters and fireplaces. Cats like to be round them when it’s chilly, however in some circumstances, they might create considerably hazardous conditions. When you’ve got a fire, attempt to preserve it well-screened to forestall accidents. 

Additionally, smoke from fireplaces might not agree along with your cat’s respiratory system, particularly if it likes to get shut—the identical with electrical heaters, which can not have adequate house between their display screen and its aspect. 

White cat sleeping on the bed with a cup of coffee beside it.

On the very least, preserve an in depth eye on how your cat interacts with heating gadgets. Some is probably not conscious of the hazard.

Present the Proper Food plan

The winter months imply conserving physique vitality. This will likely lead to one other enhance on the subject of your cat’s conduct: meals. It’s a primary precept that to maintain hotter, your physique (and your cat’s) must each produce and preserve extra vitality. 

Fortunately cats are capable of method that downside from each ends. Whereas they will sleep extra to preserve vitality, they will additionally generally eat extra to provide their our bodies extra vitality. This comes with a number of potential issues.

two-cats-eating-from-same-dish why does my cat try to bury her food

In case your cat can not go outside extra and is sleeping extra, consuming extra might trigger it to achieve some weight over winter. A cat that’s normally lively outside may also begin consuming extra recurrently out of boredom. This can be a particular chance in the event you all the time have its meals out.

For those who suspect this to be a possible downside, chances are you’ll need to regiment feeding occasions or just lower back on the parts offered. That is in no way a primary resort; that may be to attempt to preserve your cat lively (see beneath). Make certain additionally to maintain the freshwater bowl recurrently topped up. 

A Notice on Adjusting Diets

In actually harsh climates, chances are you’ll need to seek the advice of a vet about whether or not your cat wants a barely adjusted eating regimen. This can be to complement the well being of its coat or just entice it to eat extra meals that’s helpful. If the kitty is reluctant to eat, a number of additional meaty treats could also be so as.

Cats like fish and fish-based oil supplements do wonders for a kitty’s coat. Extra protein is sweet, too, particularly in case your cat isn’t heading outside that a lot. Train some warning with adjusting their eating regimen an excessive amount of. You don’t need to create a dietary imbalance. 

Astonished cat watches a gold fish jump from a fish vase to another.

Older cats may additionally require a bit of additional consideration concerning the meals bowl. Winter flares up the previous cat’s arthritic joints as a lot in cats as in people.

Present Video games and Exercise

When you’ll be able to’t play with the kitty to maintain it mentally stimulated, something you are able to do to maintain up its exercise when wanted is sweet. Chances are high a cat will play solely when it needs to and can in any other case stroll away when it’s drained anyway.

ginger cat playing with a blue toy

One nice tip is to look into puzzle feeders, combining psychological stimulation and good foodie treats. Keep in mind that cats are pure hunters, so they might get pleasure from a great problem to get at that tasty reward. The top result’s some exercise to maintain the spirits up.

Handle Pests and Grooming

It’s price being conscious of 1 or two further elements on the subject of winter sleep and conduct. In case your cat is sleeping extra, particularly by itself bed or blankets, you need to preserve potential pests below management. Fleas are a year-round presence for pets, for instance. 

Spending extra time indoors and lounging about may additionally current extra hair or fur in your house. Chances are you’ll must put money into extra grooming devices and time spent managing shedding than in summer time. 

comb brush being used under the chin of a Persian cat

Last Ideas on Whether or not Cats Sleep Extra in Winter

In case your cat appears to be sleeping extra in winter, there’s no want to fret. It’s a completely pure rhythm that your cat might adapt to, based mostly on how chilly it’s or whether or not they fancy heading out into the cloudy day. With all that stated, know that your cat enjoys sleep, and much more in order it will get older. 

Alternatively, in case your cat can be displaying indicators of surprising lethargy or unhappiness, contemplate whether or not it’s nonetheless consuming sufficiently. That’s normally a key signal that the kitty could be depressed or anxious. Once more, this isn’t essentially too critical, and could be simply remedied. 

In case your cat is a bit of too torpid in winter to your liking, attempt enjoying a bit of extra or offering some puzzle treats for some stimulation. Most significantly, ensure that the kitty is snug and heat, particularly in the event you reside in actually chilly climates. And attempt to reap the benefits of extra snuggle time along with your dwelling heater. 

two white kittens half asleep next to each other

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