Maine Coon cats are long-haired or semi-long-haired, and they’re notably massive. They’re extremely lovely, fluffy, and poofy relating to their coats. You may anticipate that they supply a problem for many who will not be used to shedding animals of their residence. However do Maine Coon cats shed?

However don’t be discouraged. The actual fact is that the majority pets shed to at least one diploma or one other. Shedding is a totally manageable side of proudly owning a pet – and on this case, a Maine Coon. Even in circumstances the place there could also be further issues or issues, you’ll discover that coping with the shedding is loads simpler than one may think.

Right here’s what to know when your Major Coon Cat sheds and how you can handle it.

Brown Maine coon cat sitting.
Maine Coon

The Purpose for Maine Coon’s Lush Coat

The Maine Coon breed originated in a chilly local weather – the US state of Maine – and could also be a descendant of the Norwegian Forest Cat. Its coat is double-layered and waterproof. Maine Coons are one of some uncommon breeds that really love the water!

On the very least, they don’t thoughts the water as a lot as most different cats do. The draw back of their coats relating to water is that it tends to get heavy when soaked. These cats even have further fur the place others might not – like on their paws, which helps them navigate the cold floor or snow.

maine coon cat tabby on white background
maine coon cat

Do Maine Coon cats shed: A Actuality Verify

So in the event you undertake a Maine Coon, you’re going to must take care of loads of hair in every single place, proper? In any case, these spectacularly long locks should simply drop like autumn leaves in every single place in your house. Not fairly!

Right here’s one thing you is probably not anticipating to listen to or learn: Maine Coons do probably not shed as a lot as you may anticipate compared to normal cats. Contemplating their dimension and lengthy hair, the Maine Coon’s shedding relative to another cats is surprisingly little.

Many cats, even shorthairs, shed noticeably greater than the Maine Coon. However that doesn’t imply you possibly can overlook about it. All cat house owners anticipate not less than some cat hair shed round the home. You too can do fairly a bit to mitigate even this cat’s shedding, minimal as it could be.

dark ginger maine coon cat stares are maine coon cats friendly
Maine Coon

Like with most seemingly difficult issues, it begins with slightly understanding of what shedding is, when and why it occurs, and what influences it.

The Fundamentals Round Shedding

Shedding in most pets includes a lot of completely different elements. Most undergo a seasonal cycle. However generally genetics, well being, and different environmental elements play a job. Within the case of Maine Coons, some subtypes – like fluffier ones – might shed greater than silkier-haired ones.

Maine Coons do shed seasonally, often. However cats that live in hotter climates are likely to shed year-round or extra typically than chilly local weather cats as nicely. Generally, food plan even performs a job, because it contributes on to the situation of your cat’s coat as nicely.

dark grey maine coon cat on grey couch

Shedding is the way in which that cats and different pets discard lifeless hair, which might usually get replaced with more healthy new hairs. It’s a completely pure course of, which can be managed for the needs of dwelling in our properties.

Spring and Fall

For people who shed seasonally, spring and fall are the primary causes for altering coats. That’s a pure a part of animal life, as almost all mammals and several other different species bear modifications to accommodate local weather fluctuations.

It’s honest to say that the Maine Coon will shed far more throughout that point than within the different seasons. That is very true due to the broad temperature ranges of some states (together with Maine) between summer season and winter.

maine coon tabby cat staring with very pointy ears

For you, this may imply a bit extra brushing and grooming all through numerous levels of the 12 months, and maybe just a bit extra by way of managing hair in your furnishings. This is probably not the case in any respect, although, as your Maine Coon won’t shed that rather more than typical.

4 Methods to Handle Your Maine Coon’s Shedding

Whether or not your Maine Coon is a high shedder or simply an occasional one, chances are you’ll need to take numerous steps when attempting to handle and keep your cat and your property. Thankfully, it isn’t that tough, and it’ll end in a happier residence and household (and cat) total.

In some respects, you could possibly cut back some shedding. However probably the most sensible method is to think about it as shed administration. A constant program is less complicated to keep up and can assist keep away from more durable duties and extra severe issues (extra on that later).

Greyish Maine Coon cat with green eyes looking at something. do maine coon cats shed

Right here’s a primary rundown of what it’s essential do with a view to keep an important cat coat in your Maine Coon.

1. Grooming and Brushing

Grooming is an important a part of a cheerful cat’s regime. Cats often do an important job of grooming themselves, they usually study it from their mother and father, who care for them for the primary stage of their lives.

People could be a part of it by serving to long-haired cats brush and clear their coats. Within the case of a Maine Coon, common brushing is vital in three particular elements:

  • It’ll clear away lifeless hair and assist forestall its unfold round your property.
  • It’ll assist preserve the coat freed from matting, knots, and bunches.
  • It’ll assist to unfold wholesome oils evenly across the coat. Cats produce these oils naturally, however as you possibly can think about, getting it all-around a protracted thick coat is hard. Brushing assists with this.

Goal for a brushing session not less than as soon as every week with a advantageous grooming brush or these stylish hand gloves. Apart from conserving your kitty joyful and groomed, the standard time spent will bond you much more.

Maine coon cats with their tongue out, sitting next to each other.
Maine Coon cats

Some house owners do desire a day by day brush. This might need advantages through the peak shedding occasions talked about above. So, throughout seasonal modifications, it could be higher to not less than contemplate doing it greater than as soon as per week if as soon as a day appears extreme.

Tip: It’s greatest to get a cat acquainted and comfy with brushing as early as potential. Should you purchase your cat as a kitten, get it used to brushing as early as potential. Grownup cats might have a more durable time getting used to the thought of letting you maintain them when you “attack” them with a “massive stick.”

You can even affiliate brushing time with a treat, not less than at first. Nobody ever mentioned {that a} small bribe for the standard time was dangerous. Begin by displaying the comb and providing a deal with. The affiliation of the tasty deal with with a brush will take, making it simpler to get to the vital bit as time goes on.

One tip that may work is to flippantly coat the comb with some catnip, particularly if the cat is particularly uncertain of the comb.

2. Cat Bathing

Now, underneath regular circumstances, it’s not vital (and harmful to you generally) to wash a cat. Cats are remarkably clear and do a superb job of conserving themselves that means. Apart from, most don’t like water, proper?

Right here’s the place the weird comes into play. We’re speaking about Maine Coons. And Maine Coons occur to love water. They are going to, due to this fact, not thoughts an occasional tub as a lot as different cats do. This doesn’t imply they completely adore it.

If a Maine Coon is familiarized with water from an early age, it should much less seemingly protest if you attempt to bathe it. So, like with brushing, the very best time to begin is when it’s a kitten. Let’s be clear, although: it’s not completely vital to wash the cat in any respect.

Close up view of a Tabby Maine Coon cat.

Discover a large water bowl and blend up some play and tub time, identical to you’d a child. Maine Coons like to make a multitude when they’re having fun with themselves in water, so be sure to’re in an area that permits a little bit of play and splashing.

Should you decide to wash your cat, medically balanced wipes and waterless cat shampoos are an important possibility. No matter you do, don’t use merchandise like soaps and shampoos meant for human use, as these may very well be dangerous to pets.

A latest addition to the arsenal of pet cleansing merchandise is waterless grooming shampoo wipes – this might be an possibility in case your cat shouldn’t be notably keen on water.

Ginger Maine Coon cat lying on the wooden table.

3. Sustaining a Pest-Free Coat

Pets with lengthy hair are extra susceptible to pure pests like fleas and ticks, and different bugs across the residence. Common grooming, brushing and permitting for shedding assist to regulate pests.

Verify your cat commonly for these pests, particularly in the event you discover that your cat is scratching or licking excessively. These pests, straight and not directly, have an effect on the well being of your cat and its coat and will result in extreme shedding and even bald patches from unnatural hair fall.

ginger maine coon cat with fruit

In excessive circumstances, it may create pores and skin breakages and infections. Should you’re not sure about how you can management ticks and fleas, seek the advice of a vet to your particular state of affairs.

4. Managing the Cat’s Weight loss plan

As with people, food plan performs a big function in sustaining total well being. In cats, this consists of its coat and might not directly affect the quantity of shedding that happens in a standard cycle.

Cat food ought to comprise Omega 3 and 6 fat for coat well being. A balanced-formula Maine Coon cat food is beneficial for this. You may also look into dietary supplements for coats, although it could be helpful to ask your vet about these first. Additionally, keep in mind it’s not solely essential to overthink your cat’s coat well being if there are not any obvious points.

black maine coon cat

A Word on Wholesome Coats

It might be helpful to say a couple of gadgets to notice relating to parts of your cat’s wholesome coat care.

We’ve talked about Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. That is vital to search for in your cat’s food plan. Fatty acids assist the heart and help in creating wholesome cells. Often, fish substances help with omega fatty acids.

Protein is one other vital side of a cat’s normal food plan. They’re particularly engineered to eat proteins and meats. Cats will not be ideally suited to vegetable-based diets, and people will not be beneficial for a wholesome cat.

Cream Maine Coon cat lying on the sofa.

Managing Shedding in Your Residence

Most cats take pleasure in discovering a spot in your house and claiming it for themselves, whether or not to calm down and nap or simply sit and ponder the world. This will change into a hotspot to your cat’s hair shedding in that it’s the place your cat spends most of its time. 

Make some extent of cleansing that house commonly, with a vacuum, for instance. The concept is to stop extreme buildup of hair in anybody house.

How A lot Is Too A lot? When Hair Loss Turns into a Concern

So we now perceive that shedding is pure and occurs on a regular basis. However what if shedding turns into an issue – in actual fact, when is it an issue? Should you instantly discover that your cat is shedding far more hair than typical, chances are you’ll need to take a better look.

maine coon tuxedo cat

When checking for ticks and fleas, chances are you’ll discover bald patches. That’s often an indication that one thing is out of steadiness or suggests extreme scratching or potential sickness. As with all issues of this nature, in the event you can not decide with certainty what’s inflicting the problem, seek the advice of your vet.

A number of elements might affect the reason for an excessive amount of or fast hair loss. The aforementioned pests like ticks and fleas, poor food plan, allergy symptoms, and even stress play a role in cat health.

smoke maine coon cat

Remaining Ideas on Maine Coon Shedding

With their lengthy and thick coats, Maine Coons typically face a selected query from potential house owners. Do they shed? The brief reply. Sure, they do. However questions like this are a lot extra attention-grabbing when you dig down into the hows and whys.

Once you think about the concept your Maine Coon will shed solely as a lot as a median shorthair, you don’t have as a lot downside with shedding as you may anticipate.

Maine coon cat on a white background.
Maine Coon Combine Cat

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