Siamese cats are fairly darn lovable, particularly with that basic coat that’s at all times a winner within the seems to be division. However will you find yourself with fur-speckled couches or (yikes) bushy black leggings? Do Siamese cats shed?

Understanding simply how much a cat sheds earlier than turning into the proud proprietor of 1 may also help mood your expectations of pet parental bliss. In case you’re going to resent rubbing down your furnishings and garments to rid them of follicles, you have to be doing precisely what you’re doing proper now. That’s, researching which breeds shed essentially the most (and the least). 

On this case, we’re going to have a look at Siamese cats particularly and see how a lot they shed compared to different friendly felines. So do Siamese cats shed? Let’s discover out!

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Do Siamese Cats Shed All through the Yr?

All animals with fur shed to some extent. It ranges from so minimal that you just barely discover to so extravagant that you just sweep the home twice a day simply to maintain the ground fur-free. Sometimes Siamese cats shed lower than different breeds, equivalent to Maine Coons

Even Ragdoll coats are recognized to shed so much. Although they shed lower than many breeds with longer fur, they nonetheless drop their pleasant hair glitter pretty frequently. In case you occur to have a Himalayan Siamese cat, they’ll shed extra steadily than a normal Siamese on account of their long fur. 

These cats usually expertise two molts within the yr, specifically in spring and fall. In spring they start to shed their heat winter coats in preparation for the sunny summer time days to come back. Within the fall, they may begin to develop that very same coat once more to guard them from the cold, inflicting shedding of the summer time coat. 


Throughout these molting seasons, which final 6-8 weeks, it can save you your furnishings and flooring by brushing your feline pal every day to assist them do away with the dropping fur. A very good shedding brush shall be your greatest pal on this state of affairs. 

That and a pet hair remover to maintain your furnishings and garments fur-free, after all. If you wish to trigger much less drama for your self and aggravation on your Siamese kitty, begin brushing them from a younger age so that they get used to the sensation and don’t battle it. 

Can Their Shedding Trigger Allergy symptoms?

Sure it might probably, however not for the rationale you may assume. It’s probably not the fur itself that’s the issue for allergy victims, however what it carries. After all there’s dander to contemplate, which is usually carried on varied pets. 

However cats have a specific protein that as many as 10% of the inhabitants is hypersensitive to, inflicting many allergic responses in prone people. 

This protein known as Fel d 1 and is present in cat saliva, urine, and pores and skin. You’ll discover that “fur” wasn’t talked about, however there’s a caveat. Whereas grooming themselves, cats lick at their fur and their saliva carrying this curious protein affixes to the hair follicles that then fall to the bottom (or your sofa). 

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As soon as the saliva dries, the protein turns into airborne and may trigger swollen eyes, hives, and closed airways consequently. Fortunately for Siamese homeowners, this breed tends to have decrease ranges of Fel d 1, so they’re much less more likely to trigger such a devastating allergic response. 

Why Is My Siamese Cat Shedding Excessively? 6 Causes

It may possibly occur that, other than the seasonal molts, your Siamese cat may begin shedding greater than standard. Far more. There are a couple of the reason why this might occur, so let’s check out among the commonest ones. Don’t fear—a few of them are fairly benign, however others may require vet intervention or a way of life change.

1. Air-conditioning and Heating

In case your pampered feline is an indoor cat and you retain your private home at a continuing temperature, they may shed repeatedly as a result of their our bodies can’t decide seasonal modifications. 

They may imagine they’re caught in a perpetual spring, that means limitless molting so that you can clear up. You’ll be able to alleviate this subject by letting them spend a while exterior to allow them to kind out what season they’re in. 

Blue-eyed Lilac point Siamese cat in a sitting position.

2. Stress and Anxiousness

Cats are recognized for being averse to environmental modifications. They may flip to obsessive-compulsive behaviors to self-soothe, equivalent to over-grooming. This may result in patches of thinning fur or extreme shedding. 

The most typical stressors for a cat are transferring to a brand new dwelling, extreme noise, lack of psychological stimulation, loneliness, new pets or family members, or an unstable every day routine. 

3. Dietary Points

Even people will lose their hair in the event that they endure from malnourishment. This isn’t to say you’re ravenous your little furball, however maybe their meals isn’t as nutrient-rich as they want it for basic good well being. 

Some diets lack the correct nutritional vitamins and minerals your cat wants, so do some investigation of the elements checklist to see what’s of their meals. That is the most typical motive for uncommon shedding, so it’s clear that many diets are actually missing in every thing a wholesome cat requires. 

No matter you select to feed them, ensure that there’s loads of high-quality animal protein, animal fats, and important micronutrients. 

Blue-eyed Lilac point Siamese cat wrapped in a lilac towel.

4. Parasites

Fleas and mites not solely induce an uncomfortable tickle, they’ll trigger allergic reactions which are really painful. 

Your furry feline may attempt to alleviate the ache by licking or biting essentially the most affected areas, resulting in hair loss. A flea and tick collar ought to assist stop this from being a problem, so it is likely to be worthwhile investing in a single. 

5. Sickness

Fur falling out in clumps will be startling to a cat proprietor, and if the trigger is sickness then that concern is effectively warranted. There are a few worrying diseases that may trigger your kitty’s hair to drop prefer it’s scorching, equivalent to liver points, kidney illness, fungal infections, bacterial infections, and most cancers. 

There shall be different signs that accompany the clumpy shedding relying on the trigger, although, so be aware of any peculiar habits and speak it over along with your vet. 

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6. Hyperthyroidism

This medical situation principally impacts older cats, and often feminine ones at that. The preliminary symptoms of hyperthyroidism are fantastically refined, so that you may not even discover them at first. However as time marches on and the illness progresses, they’ll worsen. 

Extreme shedding is simply one of many indicators to be careful for, however weight reduction, elevated thirst, elevated urge for food, and frequent urination are different issues to notice. 

Lynx point Siamese with its paws up.

Ultimate Wrap Up on Do Siamese Cats Shed

All cats shed to some extent, although, because it seems, Siamese cats are much less liable to clogging up your sofa with their discarded follicles. So when you’re not keen on shaking that not-so-pretty pet glitter off of your belongings each day, a Siamese cat may simply be the cat for you. 

Except, after all, they’re experiencing some exterior or inner issue that’s antagonizing their regular shedding routine. However that’s what vets are for, proper? 

Old style Siamese cat.
outdated fashion siamese cat

In case you’re available in the market for a cat that sheds flippantly and also you’re not totally onboard with getting a  Siamese cat simply but, why not check out these 17 cat breeds that barely shed?

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