Siamese cats originated in Thailand and are one of many oldest breeds on the earth. Their distinctive darkish “pointed” fur coloring contrasting with their cream-colored physique make them some of the recognizable cat breeds. 

If you happen to plan on getting one among these stunning felines, you’re in all probability questioning just a few issues about them. Like, how huge do Siamese cats get? We’ll cowl this and different data, together with after they cease rising and different bodily traits. 

Let’s look at this sensational small cat breed in additional element. 


How Large Do Siamese Cats Get? Breed Data 

First, let’s cowl the levels of a Siamese cat’s progress timeline. From start to cathood, this provides you with a transparent thought of what to anticipate as they mature. 

Siamese Cats: 0 to six Months 

When a Siamese kitten is born, it weighs between three and 5 ounces — lower than half a pound. It measures about 3 inches lengthy and is so tiny will probably be ready to slot in the palm of your hand

Their progress is kind of dramatic over the primary few weeks of life. They normally double in dimension by the second or third week. After they’re one month outdated, they need to weigh about one pound. 

This cat breed is totally white or cream-colored at start. Its trademark coloring will solely begin to seem after every week or two. By eight weeks, their colour factors shall be way more noticeable. 

White Lilac point Siamese kitten with its tail pointed up while looking up at something.

Siamese Cats: 6 to 12 Months 

By the point a Siamese kitten is six months outdated, it’s going to look extra like an grownup cat than a kitten. That is across the time it comes into sexual maturity. Most vets advocate spaying or neutering your Siamese cat when they’re between 5 and 6 months outdated. 

Despite the fact that they’ve reached their sexual maturity, these cats nonetheless have a bit extra rising to do. At six months outdated, a Siamese cat will weigh between 2.8 lbs and 5 lbs. 

Siamese Cats: 12 Months to 2 Years

Typically, Siamese cats stop growing after they’re between 10 months to 12 months. Though, in some instances, they might proceed till they’re 18 months. By the point they’re one 12 months outdated, they need to have their full colorization, however they’ll proceed to darken. 

A Siamese kitten formally turns into an grownup cat after they attain the ripe outdated age of two. At full maturity, a male Siamese cat weigh between 10 and 15 kilos, and a feminine weigh between 6 and 10 kilos. They’re normally 11.5 to fifteen inches lengthy and about 8 to 12 inches tall. 

Whereas some cats’ physique dimension is likely to be deceiving because of them having a lot of fur, a Siamese cat has a brief and silky coat. This makes it simple to see their true physique proportions. 

chocolate point siamese cat how big do siamese cats get

Siamese Cats: 2 to 10 Years Outdated

The grownup stage of a Siamese cat’s life is formally from two to 10 years outdated. Throughout their early grownup years, you’ll discover these cats like to play and work together with folks and different animals. They’re very talkative from the beginning, and as they become older, some cats will get even extra vocal. 

They‘ll be achieved rising by the point they’re two, however a Siamese cat can placed on weight at any level of their life. Since they’re naturally skinny and have a lean and slender physique, It’s simple to see in case your cat is placing on too many kilos. 

It’s vital to feed them healthy cat food and follow the proper portion sizes. 

Siamese Cats: 10 Years and On 

After ten years, a Siamese cat is taken into account a senior cat. You’ll discover that their character could be very mellow and subdued. They are going to nap extra through the day and be much less playful and interactive. 

Their listening to and eyesight will start to deteriorate the older they get, and age-related sicknesses can spring up at any time. Throughout this stage of life, it’s greatest to attempt to maintain your cat as snug as attainable. 

Siamese Cat Character 

A Siamese cat’s personality is greatest described as pleasant, social, and loving. They’re very clever animals and are even recognized for being talkative; they get pleasure from “chatting” with people. 

They’re typically described as “dog-like” as a result of they love getting consideration from their homeowners and are even recognized to follow them round. 

Resulting from their social nature, they don’t like being left alone for lengthy durations. They do nicely with a lot of consideration from their family and luxuriate in different cats’ firm. 

These friendly felines want loads of stimulation to maintain their thoughts occupied. It’s all the time a good suggestion to have some interactive cat toys mendacity round the home for them. 

Blue point and lilac point Siamese cats do siamese cats fur change color
blue level and lilac level siamese cats

Different Bodily Traits of a Siamese Cat 

There are lots of totally different types of Siamese cats. As a substitute of analyzing every one individually, let’s cowl some fundamental bodily traits that almost all sorts share. 

Partially Albino 

Siamese cats are a pure breed, which means their fur sample outcomes from genetic mutation. They’ve a gene that makes them partially albino, however this gene has a mutation that impacts the enzymes that management their coloring. 

Mainly, these enzymes don’t perform correctly in hotter temperatures. Because of this, the areas of a Siamese cat’s physique affected by warmth -– together with the face, tail, legs, and ft — change to a darker pigment. However the areas of a cat’s physique that aren’t as affected by warmth — like their back and abdomen — keep a lighter shade. 

Albinism in domestic cats is uncommon, so this trait makes them much more particular and distinctive. 

cinnamon siamese cat

Fur Coating 

A Siamese cat’s fur is ivory, cream, or pale fawn colour. The factors of their ears, tail, legs, ft, and middle of their face are clearly outlined by one among 4 totally different colours: chocolate level, seal point, blue level, or lilac level. Their fur is okay and mushy, with a shiny look. 

Blue Eyes

All Siamese cats have blue eyes. That is additionally due to the recessive albinism gene that this cat breed possesses. There’s a variation within the shade of blue their eyes shall be: they’ll vary from a deep, wealthy blue all over to a bluish-grey colour. Their eyes are additionally normally almond-shaped, with a small slant. 

Blue-eyed chocolate point Siamese cat staring at the camera.

Continuously Requested Questions About Siamese Cats 

Now that you’ve a greater thought of a Siamese cat’s progress chart, let’s cowl some incessantly requested questions and solutions associated to this breed. 

How Lengthy Do Siamese Cats Dwell For?

Siamese cats are one of many longest-living cat breeds. Their lifespan is between 15 and 20 years, though some can dwell longer. 

Do Siamese Cats Put On Weight Simply? 

Siamese cats are a breed that’s liable to weight problems. Various factors can play a task in placing on extra weight, like their exercise stage. If you happen to enable your cat time to play exterior, they’re much less more likely to change into obese since they’ll have an opportunity to run, soar, climb, and play. 
If you happen to’re not in a position to let your cat play exterior for no matter motive, be sure that to maintain issues inside the home that enable them to make use of their physique.

Are Siamese Cats Good or Imply? 

Siamese cats are loving. So long as they’re handled with respect, they’ll present respect again. They may come off as bossy as a result of they’re very vocal, and at instances they could demand your consideration, however they’re not an aggressive breed by nature. 

Lynx point Siamese with its paws up.

How Large Do Siamese Cats Get? Closing Ideas 

Siamese cats are a lovely blue-eyed cat breed with a recognizable fur sample and a pleasant character. They make the right home pet and can get together with everybody within the household. If you happen to’re on the lookout for a small to a medium-sized cat, they’re an ideal selection for all cat homeowners. 

Now that what to anticipate as they proceed to develop and mature, try this ultimate guide to Siamese cats to be taught much more about this attention-grabbing breed. 

White lynx point Siamese lying on the table.

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