We love our Dachshunds with all of our hearts and need them to be with us so long as they will. You might be questioning how lengthy that’s although.

There are numerous elements that affect a Dachshund’s lifespan. One in every of them is how obese they’re.

Article initially revealed December 6, 2012

Overweight Black and Tan Dachshund Lying on a Tile Floor
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A chubby Dachshund is just not “extra to like” or a “cute”. That additional weight is fats and it’s unhealthy in your Dachshund.

A fats Dachshund may not dwell as lengthy or would possibly get sick and never have the ability to dwell a lifetime of high quality and journey.

Let’s Get Actual: Is Your Canine Fats?

Pet weight problems is on the rise and it’s some of the frequent Dachshund well being points.

We love our Dachshunds “simply they method they’re” although so we are inclined to miss when they’re getting somewhat chunky till it’s too late.

If you wish to assist your Dachshund dwell an extended, blissful life, you need to actually asses their present weight.

Here’s a useful chart to asses your canine’s physique situation from the Affiliation of Pet Weight problems and Prevention.

Photograph courtesy of Virtua Vet

In case your canine is a 4 it may most likely stand some lose some weight. If it’s a 5 then it positively must free weight.

Figuring out your canine’s perfect weight is extra than simply a chart although. There are a number of different elements to think about.

For extra data, try my article How Much Should My Dachshund Weigh.

How Lengthy Will My Chubby Dachshund Reside?

The average Dachshund lifespan is 12 – 15 years, with some residing longer and a few residing shorter.

A Dachshund’s lifespan may be shortened by issues like accidents, back problems, genetics, illnesses, and the way match they’re.

New analysis with knowledge supplied by Banfield Pet Hospital discovered that the lifespan of obese canines was as much as 2.5 years shorter, on common, than the lifespan of canines with a wholesome physique weight. (source)

As a result of nobody can inform you precisely how lengthy any Dachshund will dwell if they don’t seem to be overweight, they will’t inform you precisely how lengthy they may dwell if they’re.

Being obese can minimize as much as 2.5 years off of your canine’s life.

Nevertheless, with a mean life expectancy of 12-15 years, and the truth that extra weight can shorten a canine’s life by as much as 2.5 years, an obese Dachshund may probably solely dwell to be 9.5 to 12.5 years outdated.

What Can I Do if My Dachshund is Chubby?

Step one is admitting their is an issue. You probably have decided that your Dachshund is obese, you’ve already began the method of creating a optimistic change in your canine’s life.

The following step could be to speak to your veterinarian to debate your Dachshund’s well being and rule out any underlying medical causes in your canine’s extra weight.

Past that, it’s just about like with individuals: Controlling weight is a matter of balancing energy in with energy out.

Energy Out: The Train Issue

When my Dachshund’s begin to look somewhat plumper, the very first thing I do is take a look at the quantity of train they’re getting.

Listed here are 9 signs that your Dachshund may need more exercise.

Be sure to are strolling your Dachshund enough times a week and a long enough distance for every stroll.

Energy In: The Meals Issue

You’ll then need to take a look at how a lot your Dachshund is consuming every day.

Ensuring your canine is just not overeating, or barely chopping down the quantity they eat, will help preserve your Dachshund’s weight below management.

Don’t overlook to rely the treats or the tasty tidbits different individuals in our home could also be sneaking your pup behind your again!

Don’t be afraid to ask them – inform them why it’s essential that they’re trustworthy.

Let your loved ones members know there are different methods to show the dog that they love them without making them fat.

Contemplate that some dietary supplements additionally include energy like uncooked goats milk, probiotic yogurt, multivitamin chews, and joint chews.

Be sure to are giving your Dachshund a high-quality food. You’ll have the ability to feed a decrease quantity of meals if it’s extra nutritionally dense.

Test to be sure to are giving your Dachshund the correct amount of food.

Verifying you aren’t feeding greater than is advisable on the again of the bundle is an efficient place to start out.

Nevertheless, that’s only a common guideline. In case your canine is gaining weight, you might want to scale back their meals portion somewhat.

Changing a part of your canine’s meal with no-salt inexperienced beans will help them really feel full whereas considerably decreasing energy consumed.

Additionally, switch to scheduled feeding you probably have been free-feeding (leaving the bowl of meals out all day).

It’s simpler to observe how a lot your Dachshund is consuming if you understand how a lot and when they’re consuming.

Additionally, you probably have a multi-pet family, it ensures that your sneaky Doxie can’t steal out of their Brother or Sister’s bowl.

What Does a Match Dachshund Look Like?

Actually, not what most individuals assume it seems like.

My Dachshunds are very match and I’ve had many individuals over time ask me what’s improper with them, or if they’re sick, as a result of they appear “too skinny”.

I can guarantee you they don’t seem to be too skinny.

They’re actually fitter than most Dachshunds on the market however I get complimented by virtually each veterinarian I see for his or her glorious weight.

Individuals are used to seeing spherical Dachshunds that seem like they’ve a barrel chest. They give the impression of being cylindrical from entrance to again like a sausage.

What most individuals don’t understand although are that Dachshunds are a deep-chested breed.

When individuals normally consider “deep-chested” canine breeds, Dobermans, Greyhounds, Nice Danes and Commonplace Poodles normally come to thoughts.

However Dachshunds are a deep-chested breed too!

A canine with a deep chest has waist that’s considerably wider, measured from the again to the underside of the chest (sternum).

A deep-chested canine normally has a chest that extends to or under their elbows.

When a deep-chested canine is at a perfect weight, their waist is considerably smaller than their chest circumference, they’ve a visual “tuck” as their waist slopes up sharply behind their ribcage, and typically the final rib or two is seen to the bare eye.


Letting your Dachshund acquire an excessive amount of weight is an issue however it’s much less so in case you decide to doing one thing about it.

Weight problems can shorten a Dachshund’s lifespan as much as 2.5 years.

I do know you need your furry companion to dwell so long as they will so please talk about your canine’s weight together with your vet, enhance their train, and alter the way you feed them, to maintain their weight in test.

What is the life expectancy of an overweight Dachshund?

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