Are you in search of the most recent addition to your fur household? Or did you deliver dwelling a bundle of pleasure which have assume might have all of the traits of a Maine Coon? Both method, there are some sure-fire methods of telling whether or not or not the furry little creature has what it takes to develop right into a full-size Maine Coon.

Whereas Maine Coons are extremely sought-after cats, there are a lot of kittens being marketed as Maine Coons, however in actuality, they’re simply fluffy cats.

If you wish to separate the lads from the boys, or the Maine Coons out of your common home cat, there are specific traits you’ll must look out for.

white maine coon kitten How to Tell if Your Kitten is a Maine Coon

How one can Inform if Your Kitten is a Maine Coon: 7 Key Traits

These are a number of the traits you ought to be looking for in a Maine Coon kitten.

1. Physique Form of a Maine Coon

There are just a few key methods in which you’ll inform aside the physique form of a Maine Coon and a daily home cat. For starters, Maine Coons are typically a lot bigger than your common home cat. Additionally they have longer tails and legs, giving them a extra regal look total.

Whereas all kittens are usually somewhat small, you’ll discover that your kitten begins to develop at a a lot sooner price if they’re a Maine Coon. Early indications of this irregular development will be discovered by their paws. If their paws look slightly too massive for his or her physique dimension and are greater than that of different kittens the identical age, there’s a good probability your kitten has a minimum of slightly Maine Coon in its genes.

Maine coon cats with their tongue out, sitting next to each other.
Maine Coon cats

Sadly, the scale of your kitten is simpler to watch as they develop, however after round 3 months, all the opposite Maine Coon traits begin to make themselves obvious.

2. The Fur of a Maine Coon

The coat of a real Maine Coon is thick, dense, and splendid. It’s additionally normally very lengthy, with some cats having coats that attain down all the best way to the bottom, so choose your cat brush properly.

The hair on a Maine Coon’s tail is particularly thick and fluffy, and it’s not unusual for the hairs on the guidelines of their tails to be for much longer than the remainder of the fur.

That is yet one more issue that may be arduous to select up in kittens as all kittens are typically somewhat fluffy. However Maine Coons are extra fluffy than your common cat, and that is significantly noticeable on their face when they’re nonetheless younger.

maine coon ragdoll mix kitten
maine coon ragdoll combine kitten

Sadly, Maine Coons are not hypoallergenic, and their thick coat makes it very troublesome to flee all of the hair. So if you happen to do occur to be allergic to cats, it’s greatest that you simply steer clear of the Maine Coon breed altogether.

Their story can be noticeably extra fluffy from a really younger age, which makes it somewhat simple to select up whether or not your cat is a Maine Coon.

3. The Ears of a Maine Coon

One of the distinguishing options of a Maine Coon is its ears. Not like most different cats, who’ve spherical, pointy ears, Maine Coons have large, wide-set ears which can be extra rectangular in form. Their ear tufts are additionally normally very outstanding, and so they typically have lengthy hairs rising out of the tops of their ears.

The lengthy hairs that protrude from the guidelines of their ears make their ears seem way more pointy than they’re in actuality. Nevertheless it occurs to be probably the most constant traits in Maine Coon kittens. As they get older, the hairs on the guidelines of their ears solely get longer to create a wild-cat-type look.

maine coon tabby cat staring with very pointy ears

Whereas this isn’t a function current in all Maine Coon kittens, lots of them have lengthy hairs that stand proud of their interior ear and circle outward. This provides them the looks that they’re much older than they are surely. In case your kitten has these hairs, it’s a signal that it may simply be a purebred Maine Coon kitten.

4. Maine Coon Eyes

One of the placing options of a Maine Coon is its eyes. They’ve massive, oval-shaped eyes which can be normally a shiny inexperienced or blue shade. Their eyes are additionally set comparatively far aside on their faces, which provides them an nearly human-like look.

Whereas shiny inexperienced and blue eyes are the commonest in Maine Coon kittens, golden yellow isn’t unusual both. Usually these brightly coloured irises are circled in black which provides them a depth, in contrast to different home home cats.

tabby cat with green eyes and green colour being held by man in tartan shirt

5. Maine Coon Temperemant

Maine Coons are identified for being mild giants. They’re normally very affectionate and loving in the direction of their people and make nice companions. They’re additionally comparatively laid-back and easygoing, which makes them nice pets for households with young children or different pets.

Maine Coons are typically very hooked up to their people, though not possessive in in the slightest degree. They only wish to be round folks as typically as potential, getting all of the cuddles their heart needs.

They may probably curl up in your lap, or sit in your shoulder (consider it or not), however being on high of their human is what actually brings them pleasure. In case your kitten is overly loving and affectionate, there’s a good probability that it’s a Maine Coon.

maine coon cat tabby on white background
maine coon cat

This loving temperament is what helps them to simply adapt to new environments, so that you shouldn’t have any hassle getting your furry little good friend to settle in once you first deliver them dwelling. Their unique personality is what makes them liked by so many households internationally.

6. What Sound Does a Maine Coon Make?

Maine Coons are literally comparatively quiet cats. They don’t sometimes meow fairly often, and after they do, it’s normally a delicate, mild sound. Nevertheless, they’re identified for making a unique trilling noise that’s much like a hen name. This noise is normally made when they’re greeting their people or different pets.

Additionally they are inclined to purr very loudly when receiving affection or typically merely as a result of they’re near their people. So in case your kitten is making distinctive trilling noises and purring like there’s no tomorrow, there’s a good probability that you’ve got a Maine Coon in your loved ones.

dark ginger maine coon cat stares are maine coon cats friendly
Maine Coon

Why do Maine Coons Make Bizarre Noises?

Maine Coons usually make their unusual trilling and chirping noises to precise contentment, or emotions of consolation. However they generally make their noises to precise starvation, thirst or discontent.

Kittens additionally make these noises, however it could take some time for his or her vocal cords to heat up. So it’s possible you’ll solely discover trills and chirps out of your Maine Coon kitten at round 3-4 months.

7. Face Form of a Maine Coon

As talked about earlier than, Maine Coons have massive, broad faces with excessive cheekbones and large ears. Their noses are additionally normally barely longer than that of a daily home cat. All of those options give them a really distinct look that’s typically described as being “regal” or “noble.”

Greyish Maine Coon cat with green eyes looking at something. do maine coon cats shed

Their chiseled faces solely are inclined to make themselves obvious when the kitten reaches 4-5 months outdated, so that you gained’t have the ability to inform from a really early age. Though in case your kitten does occur to be a Maine Coon, it’s probably that they’ve fairly an outlined facial construction from very early on.

How one can Take Care of a Maine Coon 8 Prime Ideas

Maine Coons are a comparatively long-lived breed of cat, with many cats dwelling to be 15 years or older. Nevertheless, they do require some particular care so as to keep wholesome and pleased.

1. Feed Your Maine Coon Nutritious Meals

Maine Coons must have a high-quality weight loss program that’s wealthy in protein and fats, so it’s vital that you simply give them food specifically for Maine Coons. This manner you realize they’re receiving the wholesome stability of vitamins that they want. Make sure you feed your younger cat kitten meals at first earlier than transferring them on to grownup Maine Coon meals as their dietary wants differ barely of their youthful years.

young-maine-coon cat lying down

2. Give Your Foremost Coon Clear Water

Maine Coons must drink loads of water so as to keep hydrated. The easiest way to supply your cat with water is to present them a bowl of recent, clear water that’s simply accessible. You also needs to keep away from giving your Maine Coon milk, as it will possibly upset their stomachs.

In case you aren’t round in the course of the day to provide your Maine Coon kitten with recent water, then make sure you present your kitten with a cat water fountain. This retains the water transferring and ensures they’ve water all day lengthy.

Ginger tabby maine coon cat.

3. Present Your Maine Coon With a Litter Field

Maine Coons want a litter box that’s massive sufficient for them to maneuver round in comfortably. Additionally they favor a litter that’s delicate and absorbent, similar to clay or pine. Keep away from utilizing litters which can be manufactured from corn or wheat, as these could cause digestive issues.

Lastly, make sure you change your Maine Coon’s litter commonly to forestall odors and bacteria build-up. Each kittens and cats are very neat creatures and like to keep away from conditions that trigger them to get soiled. So guarantee your cat’s litter box is all the time clear so that they all the time have a protected area to do their enterprise.

Ginger Maine Coon cat lying on the wooden table.

4. Enable Your Maine Coon to Train

Maine Coons want loads of train so as to keep wholesome and pleased. A great way to supply your cat with train is to create a protected indoor area the place they will run, soar, and discover.

You can too purchase toys that may assist preserve your Maine Coon lively, similar to scratching posts, climbing bushes, or balls.

maine coon tuxedo cat

5. Spend Time Taking part in With Your Maine Coon

Aside from offering toys on your Maine Coon, it’s vital that you simply spend time taking part in together with your Maine Coon.  This may assist them keep mentally stimulated and could be a nice bonding expertise for you each.

Some good video games to play together with your Maine Coon embrace fetch, hide-and-seek, and chasing a Laser pointer across the room. Simply make sure you supervise your Maine Coon throughout playtime to make sure that they don’t damage themselves.

Brown Maine coon cat sitting.
Maine Coon

6. Attempt to Maintain Your Maine Coon Indoors

Whereas Maine Coons are technically an indoor breed of cat, there are some good causes to maintain them indoors. For one, indoor cats sometimes reside longer and more healthy lives than outside cats. It’s because they aren’t uncovered to risks similar to vehicles, ailments, and predators.

Moreover, indoor cats are much less prone to develop behavioral issues, similar to scratching furnishings or urinating exterior of the litter field. Lastly, holding your Maine Coon indoors will assist defend native wildlife from being hunted or harmed.

Close up view of a Tabby Maine Coon cat.

Whereas it’s usually greatest to maintain your Maine Coon indoors, there are some advantages to letting them exterior now and again. For one, it provides them the chance to discover and train. Moreover, being outside may also help relieve boredom or stress on your Maine Coon.

Simply make sure you supervise your cat whereas they’re exterior, and supply them with a protected place to remain after they’re not supervised.

7. Set Up a Scratching Put up for Your Maine Coon

Maine Coons like to scratch, and it’s vital that you simply present them with a scratching post to assist fulfill this pure intuition. Scratching helps take away the lifeless outer layer of your Maine Coon’s nails, and it additionally gives them with psychological and bodily stimulation.

smoke maine coon cat

Moreover, utilizing a scratching put up may also help forestall your Maine Coon from damaging your furnishings or different home goods.

8. Don’t Let Your Maine Coon Get Lonely

Maine Coons are social creatures and might get lonely in the event that they don’t have sufficient companionship. One strategy to forestall that is to supply your Maine Coon with one other cat to play with.

In case you don’t have one other cat, you’ll be able to attempt spending extra time taking part in together with your Maine Coon or offering them with toys that encourage exercise. Moreover, you’ll be able to attempt leaving the tv or radio on in the course of the day to supply some background noise on your Maine Coon. Are you excited about getting one other cat? Listed below are the cat resources it’s good to make your last choice.

black maine coon cat

Last Ideas on Whether or not Your Kitten is a Maine Coon

There isn’t any one definitive strategy to decide whether or not or not your kitten is a Maine Coon. Nevertheless, there are some issues you’ll be able to search for that could be indicative of Maine Coon heritage. These embrace massive dimension, lengthy fur, and large ears.

Maine Coons sometimes have friendly personalities and luxuriate in being round folks. In case you’re nonetheless not sure, you’ll be able to all the time take your kitten to the vet for a cat DNA test. However finally, you’ll love your kitten equally whether or not it’s a Maine Coon or not!

Cream Maine Coon cat lying on the sofa.

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