One among final yr’s litters of foster kittens introduced greater than pleasure and heart-melting cuteness to my home. Sadly, the outside kitties and their mother got here with a pack of fleas, and the pests took up residence within the fur of my resident cat, G.G., who had a maddening itch. The itch quickly become thinning hair on her stomach, on the base of her tail and on her hind legs. So, is your cat shedding hair? What causes cat hair loss? In G.G.’s case the hair loss turned out to be brought on by a flea allergy. Let’s study extra about hair loss in cats, often known as alopecia in cats.

First, let’s outline cat hair loss

First, what precisely is hair loss in cats? Pictures by Ramon Espelt Pictures / Shutterstock.

A cat shedding hair — additionally referred to as alopecia in cats — will be full or partial and occurs in felines for quite a lot of causes, the most typical of which is pores and skin allergy symptoms, consultants say. Dr. Fiona Bateman, assistant professor of dermatology on the University of Georgia’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital, usually sees hair loss in cats at her clinic.

Is alopecia in cats ever ‘regular’?

Some cats have hereditary alopecia. For instance, Sphynx cats are born without hair and by no means develop any.