Possibly your vases have been standing up straight for too lengthy, and also you’re on the lookout for a enjoyable cat to knock them over? Properly, a Maine Coon Ragdoll combine is nearly your greatest wager. Their sassy persona may have you laughing at their intelligence whereas fuming at their seemingly blatant disdain.

Both means, they’re a beautiful breed to have. Even with the love-hate moments, each minute with them is worth it. Hold studying to be taught every thing it’s essential to know concerning the Ragcoon cat breed.

ragdoll maine coon mix
ragdoll maine coon combine

Maine Coon Ragdoll Combine Traits

1. Origins

The ‘Ragcoon,’ as it’s affectionately known as, originated from the Maine Coon, combined with a Ragdoll. The guestimated origin of the Maine Coon lies someplace alongside the strains of sailors from Europe touring to America with their kitties. This in some way combined with the Ragdoll breed in America by a neighborhood breeder from California.

These two guardian breeds have created an cute, fluffy, feline floof ball. Since each breed traits are fairly comparable, you’ll discover that your Ragcoon is considerably unpredictable as you’ll don’t know in the event that they’re extra Maine Coon or extra Ragdoll. Both means, they’re an absolute deal with to get to know.

Maine coon cats with their tongue out, sitting next to each other.
Maine Coon cats

2. Bodily Traits

This lovely beast can develop to weigh round 20 kilos and be roughly 16 inches tall. That is fairly frequent for each guardian breeds, so this light large is just a bit bit extra to like. They have a tendency to have largely Maine Coon formed faces. However fortunately for you, they’re most probably going to inherit their fantastically light-colored eyes from their Ragdoll counterpart.

You possibly can anticipate a male to be larger than the females however even the females will nonetheless be a bit bigger than most cat breeds on the market. The Maine Coon Ragdoll combine is usually fairly fluffy with a thick coat for additional lovable cuddles (in the event that they need to).

Cat standing on a light blue background.
Ragdoll Cat

3. Habits

The attractive factor about these light giants is how smart they’re. This makes them considerably vulnerable to coaching. You possibly can practice them to make use of their litter box as tiny kittens and increase their coaching to incorporate enjoyable tips in the event that they’d allow you to. However, they have a tendency to benefit from the companionship and can willingly entertain you by consuming milk out of mugs or ‘giving paw.’

Fortuitously, they’re additionally primarily well-behaved. Not like most canines, they’re somewhat bit extra acutely aware of the house they take up on this planet.

white maine coon ragdoll mix cat
white maine coon ragdoll combine cat

Not like the Ragdoll, the combination doesn’t act just like the ragdoll when picked up. So, if this can be a conduct that you just have been fascinated by, you’ll most probably do higher with a purebred Ragdoll as a substitute.

4. Persona

The Maine Coon Ragdoll is sort of a unique breed. Their Maine Coon mixed genes give you the most effective of each worlds. You’ll by no means have a day of boredom with a enjoyable, clever little sass monkey, as they have a tendency to clean away any negativity with their massive feather-wand-like tails.

These cats are greatest identified for his or her persona and talent to adapt and get together with something. They’re comparatively good at studying new tips and might even be skilled to stroll on a leash or carry out cool kitty tips.

Brown maine coon cat.
Maine Coon Cat

Regardless of their intelligence, they don’t want as a lot psychological stimulation. Not like most people, they will preserve themselves entertained with absolutely anything. Whether or not you’ve received mice hanging from a string, a kink in your carpet, or simply closed the door whereas within the lavatory. Your Maine Coon Ragdoll will attempt to determine it out and entertain themselves as they go alongside.

5. Temperament

They’re quite laidback and fairly light with folks and different cats. Their affection ranges and openness to strangers can change from kitten to kitten. So, it’s greatest to take issues gradual together with your cat, they usually’ll certainly heat as much as folks on their very own time.

maine coon ragdoll mix kitten
maine coon ragdoll combine kitten

Their docile nature implies that regardless of their scowling faces, they’ve a really brief imply streak, and their total measurement makes them comparatively assured (even cocky). So, you gained’t have to fret an excessive amount of about any scratches in your physique.

This breed works effectively round kids as they’re curious and won’t aggressively attack. They do effectively with cool toys and might present your tiny human a giant fats nice time. They will change between being lively and by no means.

Generally, they’ll head out in the course of the day (in the event that they’re allowed) and can do every thing they want. However will at all times return, sooner or later, for a great nap and a pleasant ‘Sunday lunch.’   

Sure, they, too, love treats.

ragdoll cat in garden

6. Look

This chunky munchkin is a few 50/50 break down the center. You possibly can anticipate each Ragdoll and Maine Coon features. Contemplating the eyes, the face, and the fluff, you possibly can anticipate one incredible feline. 

Their appearances might range — drastically. That is particularly since they will tackle any bodily trait most distinguished of their genetics. Fortunately although, each guardian breeds are comparatively comparable, so that they’ll be massive both means.

Coat Sort and Coloration

Their coat colours can range from white to grey to black or brown, and nearly each regular cat color underneath the solar. The easiest way to determine what your cat will appear to be is to take a look on the mother and father.

maine coon tabby cat staring with very pointy ears

They may most usually tackle the colours you see within the mother and pa, however there are examples of each sort of coloration. They have a tendency to have double-thick fur coats, which is a part of the DNA that helps them keep shielded from the weather. The topcoat permits them to stay freed from undesirable water droplets, whereas the undercoat retains them heat and cushty.

Their fur is often long and shaggy. So, you’ll need to preserve an eye on their grooming habits. They will grow to be fairly matted if they have a tendency to neglect themselves and human intervention doesn’t happen. So, for a fortunately wholesome shaggy boy, preserve a brush readily available and attempt to brush them twice every week.

They gained’t shed an excessive amount of in the course of the steady seasons however gives you a brand new fur coat of your personal in the course of the shoulder seasons after they’re making ready themselves for the climate to return.

white ragdoll cat
Ragdoll Cat

7. Care and Upkeep

This kitty likes to nibble. Their larger measurement means they’ll want extra meals than most to thrive. Make sure that you’ve received a slow feeder for them to search out their snacks after they’re hungry.

For those who’re afraid that they’ll over-eat and choose up an excessive amount of weight, control them to determine why they’re consuming. Due to their intelligence, they will eat greater than regular every time they get bored. This implies you’ll need to up the ante on their toys and look ahead to issues that excite them.

Add some cat trees and dangling toys to your decor as a method for them to maintain themselves occupied, particularly in the event that they’re largely indoors.

Be happy to offer them somewhat little bit of milk and see how they really feel. In fact, they’ll find it irresistible, however strive to not give them an excessive amount of milk as this will trigger gastrointestinal points as many a cat will be lactose illiberal.

ginger maine coon cat

Hold a few treats readily available and somewhat little bit of catnip too, particularly in the event that they’re being good. This may assist preserve them contemporary and full. It can be used to assist instill some good conduct and some tips too.

Whereas they will preserve themselves comparatively clear as most cats do, you’ll additionally need to take heed to how uncomfortable grooming will be for them. Since they’ve a lot hair, you’ll have to start out grooming them from a younger age in order that they will get accustomed to common brushing.

They could solely want a shower now and again after some adventurous play. Sure issues can get caught of their coats and can trigger stenches you wouldn’t need curling up in your lap. So, in the event you do discover one thing ugly, plop them into a fast bathtub, clear and dry them, and ship them on their means.

8. Most popular Atmosphere

These cats are fairly curious and like to discover. Additionally they take pleasure in a number of friendly video games once in a while however are likely to get fairly bored in the event that they’ve already found out who’s holding the laser. Guarantee that they’re in a secure place to discover, and don’t be too alarmed in the event that they’ve introduced the odd cockroach or mouse for dinner.

white ragdoll cat with blue eyes on bench with basket and light
Ragdoll Cat

Since they like being open air, they are going to go and discover issues to hunt. Or, really feel sorry for you and educate you the best way to hunt as a substitute. Nonetheless, they work effectively with different animals, so protecting them round your canines and different cats gained’t be an issue. Simply be sure that they’ve been launched correctly and have grownup supervision whereas attending to know one another.

Simply because the Maine Coon Ragdoll combine is comparatively docile doesn’t imply they gained’t play tough and ruffle a number of feathers of their very own.

9. Well being

Well being points can stem from a wide range of issues. Whether or not it’s nature or nurture is principally a retrospective perception. Nonetheless, sustaining well being points and making certain that your kitty has the very best care means studying every thing it’s essential to know concerning the doable illnesses.

Maine Coon Points

As with most animals, Maine Coons are usually comparatively wholesome. However, they’re vulnerable to some hereditary points. You possibly can anticipate some bodily issues to kind of their joints and muscle mass, and hearts.

Close up view of a tabby maine coon cat.

The Maine Coon can undergo from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), and hip dysplasia. SMA represents itself as progressive instability. Which means they’ll be unsteady and may have points with posture. They will additionally lose motor neurons within the decrease spinal wire, transcending to the hind limbs. You’ll discover this fairly early, although, so preserve a watch out across the four-month mark.

Different illnesses like cardiac issues will be maintained with a nutritious diet and common consideration to their total well being. All the time you should definitely take your feline buddy for normal checkups to remain up to the mark.

Ragdoll Points

The Ragdoll receives its title from a genetic mutation that makes them go limp when picked up. This similar mutation will be harmful in the event that they’re frequent flyers within the exterior world. This worry and anxiousness may cause them to go limp on the sight of oncoming site visitors or vicious animals ready to assault.

Aside from that horrifying reality, you may as well anticipate points like weight problems, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, bladder stones or different urinary infections, and even hairballs.

ragdoll cat on grass

Nonetheless, you possibly can at all times assist them out with common dietary supplements and a vitamin and mineral-rich weight loss program. This may assist your cat keep its power to thrive in an in any other case harmful future looming forward.

It’s to not say that your cat will most undoubtedly undergo from these points, although; a fast screening on the vet may help you determine what your cat is extra vulnerable to and provide you with and your kitty a preventing likelihood.

Maine Coon Ragdoll Combine Points

Determining what sorts of points your cat might have can simply be decided by the guardian breeds. Since each breeds have cardiomyopathy in frequent, it’s prevalent in your combine additionally to have that difficulty.

Generally, this breed is wholesome. However, you’ll need to preserve a watch out for any illnesses at all times to be one step forward of the issues that ache them.


This cat can live wherever from 12 to 14 years. In the event that they’ve received a cheerful and wholesome life, they’ll do higher. So, making certain your cat is fed with the proper sorts of meals, receives the required dietary supplements, and is given the entire love, your cat will stick with you for fairly a very long time.

bi colour ragdoll cat
Ragdoll cat

The place Can I Get a Maine Coon Ragdoll Combine?

For those who’re looking out the internet for a regal cat with a lot of time to have a look at you askew, you’re heading in the right direction with this daring but dutiful being. First, the most effective wager is to verify any rescue facilities, shelters, or adoption businesses.

Scouring these choices first ensures that you’re not leaving a cat with out a perpetually dwelling. In case you are deadset on this particular breed however can not discover it in your native shelters, then you definitely’ll most probably get thinking about buying someplace on the interwebs,

You’ll need to verify that you just’re coping with a good breeder first in the event you do. Then, you’ll need to make certain that your kitten is well-looked after. Ask for footage, certification, and even take a trip to the vet your self.

A fast on-line search will provide help to discover what you’re on the lookout for however you should definitely vet any unknown breeders or rehab facilities earlier than spending cash on it.

Cream maine coon cat.

Ultimate Say on Maine Coon Ragdoll Combine

The Maine Coon Ragdoll is a novel breed of cat. Most occasions, you’ll discover your combine is energetic, enjoyable, and playful. They’ve largely received distinctive personalities and can at all times shock you with a superb mouse or one thing else they’ve discovered within the backyard.

Nonetheless, they’re a joyful addition to any family as their large stature, and tiger-like faces make for an amusing companion to your on a regular basis residing. Make sure you give them loads of treats in coaching, they usually’ll reward you with respect you didn’t know cats may present.

If this can be a breed that you just’re eager on assembly, be sure that you’ve received the means and persistence to offer them with a secure and heat dwelling crammed with a lot of love and, did we point out treats?

maine coon ragdoll mix kitten grey
maine coon ragdoll combine kitten gray

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