Are you desirous about adopting male vs feminine Siamese cats? We’ve received you coated! 

No matter gender, Siamese cats are one of the vital cute and sought-after due to their beautiful magnificence and distinctive character. However like every other cat breed, there are some variations between men and women that it’s best to be mindful earlier than adopting a Siamese.

We’ll extensively examine female and male Siamese cats that will help you weigh the professionals and cons and make clever choices. With that being mentioned, let’s pet proper into it! 

siamese-eyes male vs female siamese cats

Male vs Feminine Siamese Cats: 6 Elements to Think about

1. Persona

Siamese male cats are usually friendlier and higher at filling your day with pleasure. It isn’t laborious to identify a male Siamese cat since they’re very pleasant, cuddly, and outgoing. They’re additionally extra clingy and prefer to be round their favourite people. Siamese male cats are usually friendlier and higher at filling your day with pleasure. 

Nevertheless, this outgoing character comes with the package deal: male Siamese cats usually are not secretive and can all the time inform you every part about their day by means of fixed meowing! 

Male Siamese cats behave very in a different way from females when they aren’t neutered. Male cats that haven’t been neutered might present aggressive, harmful, and territorial behaviors, comparable to spraying urine throughout your home. However this conduct is regular in male cats and stops as soon as they’ve been neutered.

why does my siamese cat attack me

A Feminine Siamese cat is a superb choice for these in search of a submissive and humble cat. As a result of feminine Siamese cats usually are not as playful as males, they have an inclination to trigger fewer issues. On the opposite hand, feminine Siamese cats are typically extra well-behaved and reserved.

Whereas Feminine Siamese cats are extra unbiased and prefer to have extra alone time, they don’t have a coronary heart of stone—they nonetheless present some pleasant behaviors that point out their love for his or her people.

So, if you wish to undertake a Siamese cat that’s not fully depending on you and might tolerate your absence for a extra prolonged interval, a feminine Siamese cat is the best way to go. 


2. Look

Male Siamese cats are just like females concerning their bodily look, making it tremendous difficult to inform the distinction between the 2, particularly once they’re nonetheless kittens.

The area between the genital opening and the anus is wider in male Siamese cats than in females. Moreover, the male genital opening is spherical, whereas the genital opening of females is vertical in form.

3. Weight & Top

Concerning dimension, each female and male Siamese cats usually are not that large in comparison with different bigger breeds, however they nonetheless possess a bodily match and robust our bodies. 

Siamese cat stretched out on seat.
Siamese Cat

The distinction between the scale of each genders is slight. Male Siamese cats are barely taller and larger than females, with a mean top of 29-36cm and a weight of 7-12 lbs. Then again, feminine Siamese cats have a mean top of 27-32cm and a weight of 6-9 lbs.  

The dimensions of Siamese cats could be affected by a number of elements, comparable to genetics and food regimen. So don’t be shocked to see a Siamese cat smaller or bigger than the common weight we talked about.

4. Coaching & Train 

Curiosity and playfulness are what distinguish male Siamese cats from females. They’re extraordinarily intelligent, and coaching them to make use of the litter box needs to be a breeze.

Siamese cats are usually energetic and don’t prefer to sit down all day. That is notably true in male Siamese cats. So that you don’t wish to deprive your male Siamese cat of train and coaching to burn off the additional power whereas conserving him busy concurrently! 

Brownish Siamese cat walking while its tail is pointed upwards.

Though barely quieter than males, feminine Siamese cats are energetic and might act destructively once they have extra power. Like male Siamese cats, females additionally require plenty of train to take care of a suitable health stage and stimulate their minds.

Feminine Siamese cats are as smart as males—they will additionally decide up fundamental instructions and be taught new video games simply.

5. Well being Issues

Each female and male Siamese cats are vulnerable to the identical well being points.  Siamese cats usually have an elevated danger of Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD). It is because they each get connected to their homeowners and really feel lonely once they’re not round. Moreover, each genders are vulnerable to critical well being points like Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), an eye fixed situation that can lead to blindness.

siamese cat on the prowl

Like different cat breeds, pregnant Siamese cats expertise notable adjustments that naturally don’t occur to males. Siamese females might expertise distended bellies and swollen, redder-than-usual nipples at across the 30-day mark. Like people, some feminine Siamese cats vomit continuously and drop some pounds throughout being pregnant.

6. Life Expectancy 

Whether or not it’s a male or feminine Siamese cat, each live on common for 15-20 years. Nevertheless, feminine Siamese cats would possibly dwell just a little bit longer than males.

This lifespan is considerably affected by many elements. For instance, female and male Siamese cats who’ve been neutered have an extended lifespan than those that haven’t. The well being and food regimen of your Siamese cat additionally have an effect on its lifespan. 

Blue-eyed chocolate point Siamese cat lying on the floor.
chocolate level siamese cat.

The Last Verdict: Which Ought to You Undertake?

Now that we now have gone by means of crucial variations between female and male Siamese cats, we are able to use this information that will help you resolve the Siamese gender that finest meets your wants. 

Let’s begin with males. Male Siamese cats are sometimes tremendous pleasant, loving, and outgoing, making them the proper candidate for households with sufficient time to commit to them. Males are additionally a incredible choice for households with very younger kids owing to their energetic nature. 

They’re, due to this fact, prone to respect taking part in with a small human that matches his power. Male Siamese cats are additionally nice in case you have a dog or different pets in your home—their pleasant conduct just isn’t restricted to people! 

Siamese cat sitting on the floor looking at the woman laying on her stomach on the bed.

Nevertheless, male Siamese cats are high-maintenance and require loads of consideration all through the day, so that you wish to guarantee that you may present this to them earlier than deciding to undertake a male Siamese. Because of this, a male Siamese is probably not a great match for you in case you have a busy life or work rather a lot.

When you nonetheless insist on adopting a male Siamese, you might wish to undertake one other cat to assist your male Siamese really feel much less lonely whenever you’re not residence.

Feminine Siamese cats are additionally pleasant and appropriate for homes with kids however don’t count on them to be as pleasant and energetic as your kiddos. Feminine Siamese can be splendid for you for those who dwell alone and nobody will help you deal with the cat as a result of, as we talked about earlier, feminine Siamese cats usually are not as needy and are extra unbiased than males. 

Plus, with feminine Siamese cats, you received’t should take care of the annoying drawback of urine spraying when the male is unneutered, which makes your life a lot simpler and quieter. Talking of quietness, adopting a feminine Siamese is extra appropriate for individuals who prefer to dwell a quiet and stress-free life with out many interruptions. 

Havana brown Siamese cat.
havana brown siamese cat

Nevertheless, do not forget that each female and male Siamese cats are fairly vocal and meow rather a lot! So, for those who plan to undertake a Siamese, count on it to meow, purr, and chirp continuously. Try our article to study this extreme meowing of Siamese cats: Why Do Siamese Cats Meow So Much? (2022) 8 Reasons.

Each Siamese cat has a unique character and traits that set them aside. It’s inconceivable to generalize Siamese cats—there’s all the time a great probability to discover a clingy feminine Siamese or an extroverted male Siamese. Moreover, each cat is affected by their setting, so if you wish to tailor the character of your Siamese cat to your wants, it’s higher to undertake them whereas they’re nonetheless little kittens. 

Old style Siamese cat.

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