If you happen to get up one morning and see that certainly one of your cat’s eyes seems a bit odd, you may marvel if it’s one thing that requires a veterinary go to. What does it imply in case your cat has watery eyes or teary eyes, or in case your cat is squinting or pawing at her eye? We’ve obtained the news on how you can deal with watery cat eyes.

What causes watery cat eyes? Images ©2002lubava1981 | iStock / Getty Photos Plus.

First, what causes watery cat eyes?

“Quite a few issues may very well be inflicting your cat to expertise extra tearing,” says Ari Zabell, DVM, Dipl. ABVP, director of consumer advocate help for Banfield Pet Hospital based in Vancouver, Washington. “Typically, it falls into two classes: issues that block the traditional circulation of tears and issues that produce extreme tears.”

In keeping with Dr. Zabell, when issues are functioning usually, tears from the eyes drain into the nostril. “This is the reason your nostril runs once you cry,” he says. “This circulation may very well be blocked by a lot of elements, corresponding to irritation, an infection, swelling or just the form of your cat’s face. Extreme tears are often produced by issues that trigger irritation, for instance, infections (bacterial, viral or fungal), allergies, and even one thing rising into the attention like a tumor and even only a hair.”