Nothing makes your coronary heart skip a beat like discovering your little pussy cat curled up with a paw delicately positioned over its face. It’s a cuteness overload few cat house owners can resist, and nearly all cats exhibit this habits of their lifetimes. However why do cats cowl their face after they sleep?

Cats spend lots of time sleeping, in any case. So noticing their habits while they’re dreaming away the day or evening is pure for a doting pet dad or mum. You might even discover that your cat tends to cowl their face rather a lot and be curious why.

Is it a nasty signal, you may marvel? Or simply your cat being a cat? Stress no extra, for this text has the low-down on the commonest explanation why cats cowl their faces whereas sleeping. Get able to be taught rather a lot about this cute pose and what it would imply to your feline good friend.

white-cat-sleeping-covering-face Why Do Cats Cover Their Face When They Sleep
Picture by Shanon from Pixabay

Why Do Cats Cowl Their Face When They Sleep? 8 Causes

Is your cat being stand-offish? Or are they simply comfy? Listed here are the solutions you’ve been searching for to this curious query about your kitty.  

1. They’re Holding Heat

That is the commonest cause for that dainty paw throughout their face. It helps preserve their nose heat and retain normal physique warmth round their faces, defending them from draughts or chilly air. 

They’ll usually curl up right into a ball shape to retain most physique warmth for essentially the most comfy cat nap. Whereas on this sleeping position, they could even use their tail to cowl their face if they like to tuck their paws in. 


Picture by Alexa from Pixabay

If your home is of course chilly or winter hits your space fairly arduous, why not get a heating pad that’s appropriate for pets to assist your kitty preserve their most comfy temperature? In any other case a plush blanket may simply be what they want.

2. It Offers Them With a Sense of Safety

Cats could be adept at looking prey, however they’re additionally sufficiently small to fall into the susceptible prey class themselves. They know this very effectively, in order that they’re nearly at all times on their guard. 

By masking their face whereas sleeping, they’re defending their most assailable physique half. In any case, if a cat is attacked within the face and their teeth or eyes are compromised, it wouldn’t be capable of push back attackers. 

Due to this deeply ingrained intuition, you may catch your cute kitty burying its face in a laundry basket or beneath a cozy blanket, all within the identify of defending its bodily asset. 

Two cats sleeping next to each other.

This identical intuition might drive them to sleep in a excessive place the place they’ve a vantage level like a cat tree. A cosy cat cave on the ground will even assist them really feel safer and hidden away from these imaginary attackers. 

3. They’re Blocking Out the Mild

Nobody likes sleeping with shiny lights round to hassle them, and your feline good friend is not any completely different. It will possibly interrupt an in any other case peaceable and restful sleep and simply make you’re feeling extra drained. 

For this reason cats have a tendency to decide on darker spots to have their naps throughout the day. Even when your kitty prefers to sleep at evening, they’ll nonetheless select a room the place the lights aren’t all on. In the event that they really feel they will’t discover a cozy darkish area to maintain the sunshine from their eyes, although, they’ll make do and tuck their face into their paws or tail


Picture by Ben Wicks from Unsplash

You may need to do your pet a stable and ensure they’ve someplace darkish to snuggle and sleep, like a cat tunnel

4. It Feels Snug

What higher cause to sleep in a sure place past the truth that it simply feels nice? Each cat will likely be completely different when it comes to which is their favourite dozing pose, whether or not it’s an outstretched loaf or a curled-up ball. 

Some cats simply discover sleeping with their paws on their face extra comfy, and the extra cozy they really feel, the higher high quality of sleep they’ll get. In the event you typically catch your kitty with their paws or tail like this whereas they snooze, there’s a very good probability that is the explanation for it. 

It’s good to notice although that it’s extra regular for a cat to have a wide range of completely different sleeping positions, even when they do have a favourite. In the event you discover your cat is at all times sleeping in precisely the identical place, it could be on account of some medical discomfort or illness, so a vet go to could be so as.  

5. They’re Blocking Out Noise

Sure, your kitty could be attempting to dam out a noise that’s stopping their restful slumber. Similar to mild, noise is an ambient subject that may forestall an honest doze. That’s, relying on the kind of noise. 


Picture by Himanshu Choudhary from Unsplash

Loud, abrasive sounds coming from the tv or the clanking of glass dishes and cutlery being put within the dishwasher are disturbing. However white noise and soothing sounds can typically assist in peaceable sleep cycles for people, and it seems that the same might be true for cats

After all, the music must be very particular to attraction to their feline eardrums and brains, so this playlist is a good place to start out if you wish to assist your furball drift off. This could be particularly helpful for those who’re attempting to encourage your kitty to sleep at evening quite than throughout the day. 

6. They’re Over-Drained 

Cats are fairly energetic pets. Tremendous energetic, in some circumstances. Whereas they could spend two-thirds of their lives sleeping, that remaining third is spent grooming, looking, taking part in, and prowling, to say a couple of. 

Tabby cat asleep with its paw over its eye.

Whereas it doesn’t sound like a lot, it may be exhausting to your feline good friend. Generally, they could even go to sleep mid-grooming, so their paws aren’t essentially put throughout their face purposefully. 

True to cat type, it may need felt like an excessive amount of of a problem to maneuver their paws downwards after they began to go to sleep, in order that they have been blissful to depart them on their face. 

7. It’s a Cat’s “Do Not Disturb” Signal

All of us want our area, and generally your cat won’t need to have its nap ruined by an ill-timed pet. They do look cute, in any case, so the urge to pet your cuddled kitty can overcome house owners simply. 


Picture by Ray Mon from Unsplash

Your cat won’t at all times be as impressed along with your affections, although. They could be fairly having fun with their sleepy solitude. In the event you do occur to succumb and pet them anyway and also you discover their paws drawing additional up their face quite than downwards, it’s undoubtedly an indication to depart them be—for now, anyway. 

8. They May Be Marking Territory

Though it’s not a standard behavior after they’re sleepy, it’s attainable. Cats have scent glands on their faces that release pheromones. In case your cat has a preferential spot on the sofa, they could bury their face beneath a cushion or beneath the blanket as a means of claiming it whereas they sleep. 

This has the twin function of blocking out distractions like noise and lightweight that will in any other case disrupt sleep, too. You probably have a couple of cat in your home, it’s particularly attainable they’re signaling to your different pets that that is their sleeping area by rubbing their head on it

siberian tabby sleeping

Last Ideas on Why Cats Cowl Their Face Whereas Sleeping

Whether or not they’re over-tired, tremendous cozy, or just blocking out undesirable noise, there are a lot of causes to your feline good friend to cowl their face whereas they sleep. Offering your pet with a handy and personal place to sleep could also be simply what they want. However attempt to restrain your self whenever you need to attain out and pet the cuteness of it—quite let sleeping cats lie. 

Have you ever ever puzzled why cats sleep in a ball, even when their paws aren’t up on their face? Listed here are the highest causes you’ve been dying to know.

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