Many cats have a behavior of kneading and biting blankets. Most house owners have seen them do it. It’s a hilariously cute exercise and by no means fails to attract a coo of admiration from us. Clearly, the query is why do cats knead and chunk blankets?

Frequent knowledge normally explains it thus: The kneading comes from a kitten‘s motion meant to stimulate milk manufacturing in its mom. A kitten will knead a mom’s teats so as to help with getting milk out.

That, you could be fascinated to listen to, is simply the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are a number of causes cats might knead or chunk at their blankets, together with one or two that will require a more in-depth look. Generally, a cat’s biting could also be an indication of an issue.

Right here’s the reason:


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What Is Kneading?

Kneading will be noticed when a cat is sitting atop its blanket and is “pawing” at it. Generally, they even knead their owners. It alternates stress from paw to paw, seemingly pushing down on the blanket as if to melt it.

Some check with this amusingly as “making bread”. The cat can even use its claws, pushing them out and pulling them in because the kneading occurs. Generally that is accompanied by biting the blanket, too.

Blanket Concerns: When Biting Isn’t Simply Biting

Biting the blanket within the context of kneading is normally a further signal of your cat searching for and discovering consolation. In the event you discover that the cat isn’t merely biting however really tearing on the blanket and even consuming bits of it, take notice.

Ingesting supplies contained in blankets or clothes can pose a major problem. This may very well be an indication of misplaced aggression, stress (cats can get depressed, too), pica, or another situation that isn’t to be ignored.

corgi and british shorthair cat under blanket

What Is Pica?

Feline pica is a situation marked by consuming weird and odd objects, normally not meals in any respect. Feline pica might lead to a cat consuming cloth or paper, as such objects are widespread in a family.

Consultants state that feline pica could also be attributable to a dietary downside (normally a deficiency) and even anxiousness. Some theorize that the issue may even be attributable to improper weaning or a compulsive dysfunction.

It’s doubtlessly harmful for apparent causes. Moreover an object being swallowed that can’t be digested, a cat may additionally inadvertently eat one thing toxic, like a family plant or substance.

In the event you suspect pica, the most effective recommendation is to speak to a vet about doable remedy primarily based on the severity of the situation. It’s additionally greatest to make it possible for the popular and doubtlessly harmful substances are out of attain, particularly whereas the cat is being handled.


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Different Oral and Dental Points

It has been famous in puppies that biting and chewing are typically associated to teething or gum issues. It’s not past the realm of risk that some cats may very well be biting to alleviate irritation, itching, or an infection across the enamel or dental space. As soon as once more, if the biting appears extreme or notably aggressive, it might be price taking a more in-depth look.

A Notice on Allergic reactions & Micro organism

One thing to contemplate is the potential for allergic reactions, and the blanket is a doable supply of an allergic response. Some fibers comprise particles or substances that may trigger a response in cats.

An allergic reaction may very well trigger gum irritation, for instance. In that case, your cat could also be chewing on the blanket, attempting to alleviate ache. In the meantime, the blanket itself could also be inflicting the issue.

Ginger tabby cat with mouth open and paw grabbing finger.

On that very same notice, maintain your cat’s favourite blanket clear. An excellent wash as soon as every week or so ought to do. In the event that they chew on their blanket, bacteria might develop into an element and put the kitty susceptible to sickness.

In the event you suspect that your cat could also be having an allergic response to the blanket, think about a hypoallergenic possibility. Changing a favourite blanket might take a couple of tries, although. Generally a cat actually does connect to a selected merchandise due to scent or consolation.

Over time, and with a little bit of persistence, you need to have the ability to efficiently swap out a problematic garment or blanket for a safer one. In the event you’re not sure, seek the advice of a vet for recommendation.

Why do Cats Knead and Chew Blankets? 5 Causes

Let’s have a look into the primary causes for cats kneading and biting blankets. Sure, it’s extra than simply the intuition and reminiscence of mom’s milk. Causes for kneading run the gamut of genetic inheritance, territory marking, and managing anxiousness.

1. Territorial Claims

Cats are notoriously territorial. They may very well be kneading a blanket so as to declare it. Cats’s paws have scent glands beneath them. It could make sense that kneading on a favourite piece of fabric could be a great way to mark it. Mine!


Picture by Ann Erkhim from Pixabay

2. Pure Wild Conduct

One concept means that kneading may very well be a wonderfully pure wild conduct that dates back to even earlier than cats turned domesticated. Within the wild, cats might have merely taken to leveling or softening the bottom upon which they lay.

3. Nursing Reminiscences

As famous earlier, nursing (or the reminiscence of it) is among the most well-known causes for cats adopting kneading conduct as adults. It might be a bit extra full than that.

Some behaviorists recommend that it manifests extra in cats that had been separated from their mothers too early. The result’s that they deliberately search to duplicate this conduct on a floor that feels vaguely like their mom’s stomach would. On this case, it’s delicate and heat.

tabby cat asleep in blanket

Biting is a part of the identical conduct and could also be an effort to duplicate the sensation of bringing them nearer to their mom.

4. Trusted Companions

When your cat chooses to knead you or its fluffy blankets subsequent to you, it’s a good factor. So far as we will inform, this can be a nice signal that it trusts you. In the event you occur to listen to purring together with the kneading, take further factors.

Cats are very conscious of the goings on of their environment. Once they do calm down, they will present it by settling all the way down to a relaxed sleep or chill session. The kneading of the blanket assists with this, particularly whether it is acquainted—and once you’re close by, even higher.


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5. Leisure & Nervousness

One facet carried over from the wild is the concern or risk when cats are asleep. In any case, being hyper-aware of any hazard is necessary within the wild. Consequently, cats are naturally just a little anxious about letting their defenses down.

Kneading has been noticed to calm a cat down, serving to it to calm down and put together for a doable down-mood. Purring also assists with this.


Blankets, being fuzzy and heat, may very well remind a cat of the protection introduced by their likewise fuzzy and heat mother. Nestled safely in a gaggle of siblings is a good reminiscence to have, and a heat blanket is a sensory reminder of precisely what that looks like.

That is additionally why you will have a number of YouTube movies of cats kneading their pet pals—canine, for instance. It’s actually a way to calm down, really feel snug, and dream of kittenhood.

Ought to You Cease the Conduct?

Except you discover your cat biting excessively or consuming the blanket, there’s no actual trigger to fret. The kneading conduct, as soon as manifested, can stick with it into adulthood with none destructive penalties.

Supplied your cat is in any other case displaying a traditional, wholesome persona and conduct, think about it an indication that it’s fortunately enjoyable round you and having fun with it.

Tabby cat kneads beige cat bed.

Remaining Ideas on Why Cats Knead and Chew Blankets

So, kneading is conduct born out of quite a lot of causes. It might be to say territory, and typically it’s actually about establishing a spot of belief and luxury. It’s most likely a genetic trait handed down via the species, however it additionally has observable calming results in your cat. 

Having your cat chunk and knead its blanket will be calming. And never solely to your cat. The notion of a cat settling into a snug and comfortable spot on the mattress or sofa is normally fairly pleasurable to look at for you, too. So so long as it appears to please your friendly, little cat, let it occur, and be part of within the snuggles.

cat-snuggle-white why do cats knead and bite blankets
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