Is there a ghoulish ghosty hovering in your kitchen nook simply past your sight? Some individuals imagine that cats are looking at spirits once they fixate on a wall that seemingly has nothing of curiosity to supply them. However the reality is your kitchen isn’t haunted (effectively, most likely not, anyway). So why do cats stare at partitions?

You may even begin to surprise if your cat is autistic, seeing because it likes to hyperfocus. However likelihood is it’s one of many causes under that’s inflicting your cat’s intense curiosity within the partitions round your property. 

So why do cats stare on the wall? Let’s get into the ins and outs of this peculiar conduct.


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Why do Cats Stare at Partitions? 6 Causes

We might not perceive it, however hey, cats have a fame for being a bit (or loads) mysterious. Let’s demystify this behavior piece by piece as we delve into the explanation why cats stare at partitions. 

1. They Can Hear What You Can’t

That’s proper, their ears perk up at sounds we don’t discover. It’s not exceptional for cat house owners to discover a nest of rodents or raccoons behind a wall their valuable pet was specializing in, imagine it or not. 

If it isn’t crawling critters they’re catching wind of, they could hear a well-known sound like a member of the family’s automobile arriving dwelling. Or they might merely be making an attempt to grasp an unknown sound and work out what it’s. 

Both method, it’s fairly innocent conduct. If you wish to distract them from potential noises, a cat toy is certainly the way in which to go.  


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2. They Can See Higher Than You

Significantly better, to be frank. Their peripheral imaginative and prescient alone is 200 levels in comparison with our 180 levels, they usually can see ultraviolet mild in addition to different wavelengths that we will’t. In addition they have extra rods of their eyes, a.okay.a. the cells chargeable for serving to us see higher at nighttime. 

So maybe they’re watching mud particles floating by way of the air, or a tiny insect buzzing round lazily. Generally what they discover fascinating is all however unseen to us. If you wish to give them one thing to have a look at, although, this cat laser is infinite enjoyable for them. 

Up closes view of green-eyed black cat wearing a red collar shrouded with plants.

3. They’re Having a “Second”

The brains of our kitty companions are wired in a different way from ours. Generally they expertise considerably of a reboot the place they freeze mid-action and seem like working one thing out. 

The lovely and ultra-Instagrammable blep can happen throughout considered one of these spaced-out moments. However get your telephone digicam out shortly if it does, as a result of it gained’t be too long earlier than your cat shakes it off and continues with their day as if nothing occurred. 

bengal cat with green eyes stares at camera

4. They’re Not as Younger as They Used to Be

Age will get the higher of us all, even your candy kitty. In the event that they’re getting into their twilight cat years, they could start to endure from cognitive decline. This implies they will grow to be confused or disoriented, which causes them to stare mutely into house. 


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A visit to the vet will assist assess the speed of decline and how one can make your aged feline buddy extra comfy. If nothing else, a comfortable bed will present gentle assist whereas they stand their wall-assessing vigil. 

5. They May Have Hyperesthesia

Primarily, it’s when an space of the pores and skin turns into extremely delicate, and the discomfort and anxiousness may cause them to house out and stare. 

Not even vets know what causes hyperesthesia syndrome, though they’ll wish to run in depth exams to rule out anything earlier than they diagnose it. Different signs embrace pores and skin rippling, sensitivity to the touch, loud meowing, extreme grooming (significantly on the base of the tail), and enlarged pupils. 

Up to now, it’s believed that lowering your cat’s anxiousness might help management hyperesthesia, so which means establishing a routine and avoiding overstimulation. 

6. Head Urgent? They Is perhaps Significantly Ailing

This isn’t your on a regular basis staring-into-oblivion on the wall—I’m speaking depth to the purpose the place they’re going proper as much as the wall and urgent their brow in opposition to it and never transferring. 


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Head urgent can point out mind tumors, poisoning, metabolic problems, or infectious illness. However there can be different telltale indicators too. Different signs like seizures, disorientation, compulsive circling or pacing, and extreme vocalization generally accompany this conduct. This necessitates a vet go to ASAP. 

Don’t get it confused with headbutting, although, which has no different signs and is a traditional motion to ascertain scent marks and territory. 

What Ought to I Do if My Cat is Staring on the Wall?

Usually you don’t have anything to fret about in the event you catch your kitty having fun with a prolonged no-blinking competitors with random partitions round your home. It’s pretty typical cat conduct, so it isn’t an issue more often than not. 

White Khao Manee cat with different color eyes.

It could point out that they want some extra enrichment of their lives and different stimulation round the home to curiosity them and maintain their minds and our bodies occupied. You’ll be able to encourage them to play with you or a fascinating toy, or arrange a bird-watching station outdoors a window that they will stare at as an alternative. 

In case you discover that they maintain staring, although, it could be time to examine for different signs that you simply may not have picked up on earlier than to rule out any illness-related points. Particularly in the event you discover these stares flip into head presses. 

If doubtful, visiting the vet isn’t a foul concept. They will both put your thoughts relaxed or assist you determine a plan to see to your pet’s points. 

grey-cat-staring why do cats stare at walls

Picture by Khristian Tambur from Unsplash

Wrap Up on Why Cats Stare at Partitions

Is it a bug? Is it a mind freeze? We might by no means know precisely what captivates our kitty’s consideration within the boring partitions of our dwelling. It’s simply a type of points of cat conduct that comes hand-in-hand with being their proprietor and getting to observe them get pleasure from their every day lives. 

It could even be a refined indicator {that a} vet go to is on the playing cards, so when you shouldn’t obsess about it, maintain an eye on it. As your furry companion engages in staring contests with the wall, perhaps concentrate if it’s the identical spot again and again—you may simply discover one thing dwelling there! 

dark ginger maine coon cat stares are maine coon cats friendly
Maine Coon

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