There are few issues cuter than a contented kitty taking a nap when its tail begins to wag or thump up and down. Movies of this lovely habits abound on standard social media websites, and house owners are left enthralled and crammed with an unrelenting love for his or her pet.

However a wagging tail is normally one thing we affiliate with canines, not cats. So why do cats wag their tails whereas mendacity down? We all know there are the reason why a cat’s tail might shake. Because it seems, there are additionally an honest variety of causes your furry feline is wagging their tail whereas they’re seemingly at relaxation. 

Prepare for an in-depth look into this quirky cat habits, what it means, and how one can be taught to know and reply to it. 

Picture by Engin Akhurt from Pixabay

Why Do Cats Wag Their Tails Whereas Mendacity Down? 6 Causes

From causes that vary from fully benign to barely worrisome, listed below are six of the highest the reason why cats could be wagging their tails whereas mendacity down. 

1. They’re Utterly Content material

Generally a cat that’s mendacity down will swish its tail for no different cause than they’re completely happy and content material at that second. It additionally normally means they’re feeling fairly relaxed. 


Picture by Himanshu Choudhary from Unsplash

They could appear additional cute when doing this and the urge to succeed in out and pet your fluffball could be robust, however this isn’t all the time an invite for pets and head rubs. Generally it’s higher to seize your telephone and take two dozen or so footage of them as an alternative. 

2. They’re Dreaming

What do cats dream about? Each cat proprietor has their theories, however one of many indications that they’re dreaming in any respect is a flick of the tail throughout a deep, restful snooze. 

They may transfer their legs as nicely throughout a dream, though it tends to be refined, so you could solely discover the tip of their tail wagging back and forth unconsciously. 

siberian tabby sleeping

You may guarantee your furball will get the last word relaxation with a calming pet bed, which is rising in reputation and appears tremendous fashionable in addition. In any other case, there are hammock beds for the extra fashionable kitty. 

3. You’ve Been Petting Them

Probably the greatest elements of being a cat proprietor is succumbing to the cuteness and giving your treasured feline the entire pets they’d ever need. Whereas cats’ moods can activate a dime, you’ll know your good friend is completely happy to simply accept your loving contact by the best way they transfer their tail. 


Picture by 99mimimi from Pixabay

The tail will wag slowly or thump gently on the bottom after they’re having fun with your organization and cuddles. Mixed with a number of different indicators, after all. Purring is an apparent one, in addition to leaning in direction of your contact. 

The velocity of the wag is necessary to notice, although. Gradual and constant actions equal a contented cat, however sharp and quick swishes will point out annoyance. In that case, you’d greatest retreat earlier than you endure any scratches or chase your furbaby from the room. 

4. They Need to Play

They could appear as comfortable and content material as the subsequent kitty mendacity peacefully within the solar, however that thumping tail may point out they’re beginning to really feel energetic. 

However, in the event that they’re alert and mendacity on their stomachs with a playful swish of their tail, this is a sign that they’re about to pounce. They could even chatter at you or wiggle their again finish as nicely. Though they could not really pounce as soon as on this place, it’s much like a canine’s play pose in that it invitations playtime. 

Must you occur to be petting them on the time, that is while you take away your hand and shortly get a close-by cat toy equivalent to a spiral spring or fluttering butterfly. In any case, an exuberant cat may simply seize at your hand as an alternative for those who aren’t fast to note the change of their demeanor, and it’ll be scratch-city for you. 

white cat why do cats wag their tails while lying down

Picture by JackieLou DL from Pixabay

If you happen to’re barely too sluggish and your feline good friend manages to get a number of scratches in, simply use an antiseptic wipe to maintain any an infection out and forestall Cat Scratch Disease. Both approach, that is the right time to spend some completely happy bonding time together with your kitty. 

5. They’re Feeling Annoyed

We’ve all had days the place we simply wish to be left alone, and, because it seems, your cat can expertise comparable moods. 

If you happen to discover your cozy-looking kitty swishing their tail in large arcs whereas they’re mendacity down, it might be an indication that they’re feeling notably annoyed. They could be grumpy from being woken up, or perhaps they’re being bothered by one thing. 

Maybe they’re simply having a nasty day. Once they swish their tail in a wider arc (and particularly after they accompany this with refined moans or grunts), it’s their approach of speaking their disagreeable temper to you. It’s additionally a approach for them to let off some steam and work out a few of that pent-up vitality. 

Chances are you’ll wish to strive certainly one of these treat dispensing toys to assist the one that you love pet work out a few of its frustration. Who is aware of, perhaps they’re simply hangry and people treats will assist put them in a greater temper! 


Picture by photosforyou from Pixabay

6. They’re in Ache

Cats don’t prefer to admit to anybody that they’re in pain. It is because they’re genetically coded to forestall bigger animals that pose a menace to them from seeing them in a weakened situation. Sadly for cat house owners, this makes it difficult to determine when your cat really wants your assist. 

One of many giveaway reflexes that may betray your cute kitty’s dilemma is an involuntary tail wag. If you happen to catch them wagging their tail for no different apparent cause when mendacity down, they won’t be making an attempt to speak something to you however slightly making an attempt to cover one thing. 

Tabby cat lying on bed with its tail raised.
Don’t mess with my tail

It’s tough to determine whether or not the offender answerable for that tail twitch is ache, however there needs to be different behavioral clues like hiding, aggression, or restlessness. You may wish to pop in on the vet for a check-up simply in case in case your feline good friend is exhibiting any of those signs. 

Do Cats Wag Their Tails Purposefully or Involuntarily?

To be sincere, it’s just a little little bit of each. As mentioned above, there are lots of the reason why a cat might purposefully wag their tail back and forth — normally to speak one thing to you as its proprietor. They could wish to deliberately display to you that they’re completely happy, that they love you, or that they’re relaxed. 


Picture by Bruce Kee from Unsplash

But when the wagging stems from adverse feelings, it’s extra more likely to be an involuntary response to stressors. The exception to that is in case your cat has already demonstrated aversive habits and has resorted to a tail flick to speak to you they wish to be left alone.   

Closing Ideas on Why Cats Wag Their Tails Whereas Mendacity Down

It’s a fairly particular habits that may imply many various issues. From ache to contentment and irritation to partaking desires, the explanations can differ significantly from one finish of the cat emotional spectrum to the opposite. 

Whether or not your furry good friend is making an attempt to let you know they love your head scratches or asking you to again off and depart them alone, it’s good to be taught their communication fashion. 

Bobtail cat on a bluish background.

Are you interested by understanding your loveable furbaby some extra and studying about different common cat behaviors? Learn all about them right here.

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