Have you ever seen a foul scent coming out of your pet? Your first intuition to seek out out ‘why does my cat stink’ might be to have them checked out by an expert.

All of us need a cat that smells good, and, usually, it’s a straightforward repair at residence, starting from merely bathing them or simply altering their weight-reduction plan. In fact, the answer isn’t all the time as straightforward as this, as a foul smell is usually a symptom of a extra extreme downside. 

Fortunately, this information exists that will help you pinpoint the precise cause for his or her sudden stench.

So, in case you’re prepared to seek out out ‘why does my cat scent?’ maintain studying to study whether or not to hurry to the vet or the pet groomer.

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Why Does My Cat Odor Dangerous? | Prime Causes Your Cat Stinks

You could be questioning, ‘why does my cat scent unhealthy unexpectedly?’ These are the commonest causes. Fortunately, they’re sometimes comparatively straightforward to deal with.

Dangerous Breath

Dangerous breath is regular in your pets, nevertheless it’s time for a deeper look if the scent persists.

Dental Illness

Sometimes, there are two feline dental ailments – gingivitis and feline stomatitis. Gingivitis is often attributable to plaque increase on enamel. Cats want their enamel brushed thrice every week, so getting a toothbrush like this one may help forestall any dental illness.

Then again, feline stomatitis is a persistent illness and isn’t as straightforward to deal with at residence. Your pet will want antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs to ease their ache.


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Typically the answer to that unhealthy cat scent is simply to alter their weight-reduction plan. Moist and comfortable meals tends to get caught between their enamel, which may ultimately trigger a foul odor. Attempt switching your cat or kitten to dry food and see if this helps.

Pores and skin Odor

Cats take care of their coats very properly, however typically they want a bit of assist from their associates to maintain their pores and skin in tip-top form. Right here are some things which may be inflicting a pores and skin odor.

Open Wound

An open wound in your pet’s pores and skin can turn out to be uncovered to many micro organism — particularly in the event that they’re an out of doors cat. Sometimes, in case you discover your cat licking or biting a spot on their physique, it’d point out a wound. The perfect you are able to do is clear it with delicate salt water and bandage it so your cat doesn’t contact it.


Cats clear themselves usually and in several methods. You’ll have seen your cat roll in the dirt from time to time for a mud tub and stand up with very dusty fur. So, dust is regular, however in case you discover your cat’s fur smells unhealthy, it is likely to be an underlying downside like a yeast an infection or parasites. Your pet is 

To make certain, you possibly can wash your cat with a mild shampoo like this one. If the scent persists, you possibly can go to a vet for an knowledgeable analysis.


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Ear Odors

Should you discover my cat smells unhealthy, their ears might not be the primary place you’d suppose to take a look at. However, a build-up of earwax and ear mites might trigger an unfamiliar and ugly scent. Listed here are a number of causes your cat’s ears could also be smelly

Ear An infection

There are a number of causes for ear infections, however one of many extra widespread ones is solely as a consequence of allergic reactions. These may be as a consequence of their meals, mud, pollen, or the surroundings. Usually, ear mites may also trigger an allergic response.

Should you discover a black or brown discharge out of your pet’s ears, it could be as a consequence of a yeast an infection. As you possibly can think about, this has a yeasty scent and is treatable with the correct remedy prescribed by your vet. 

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Ear Mites

It’s virtually definitely ear mites in case you discover black flecks close to your pet’s ears. These critters could cause itchiness, infected or hot ears, and if left untreated, even deafness. You possibly can attempt making use of child oil or utilizing Q-tips to scrub away these pests. However, in case you discover extra ear wax buildup or discharge, it is best to go to the vet.

Litterbox Points

If, in spite of everything of those causes, you continue to suppose, ‘my cat stinks,’ there could also be another space to test — the litterbox. Not solely is it the place your pet does its enterprise, nevertheless it additionally offers you good perception into its inside enterprise. Let’s take a look.


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Urinary Tract An infection (UTI)

Sometimes, feline UTIs don’t trigger an enormous scent, but when left untreated, they will make their presence recognized. You could discover signs like frequent urination, discomfort whereas urinating, or a pinkish colour of their urine – often as a consequence of blood. Your pet’s urine can also have a barely fishy scent. 

To assist, you possibly can attempt to enhance their water consumption. However, if that fails, a vet is your finest wager.

Anal Gland Secretion

Cats have two anal glands that assist them mark their territory with a strong-smelling liquid. However these glands can turn out to be clogged or contaminated. In case your cat has Anal Gland Secretion points, chances are you’ll discover them scooting their behind on the bottom or experiencing constipation or some swelling.

The one method to assist your pet, on this case, is by taking them to the vet.


Do cats stink once they have abdomen points? Typically. 

It’s no shock that your pet could have a smelly behind once they’re sick. This may occasionally happen as a consequence of fecal matter sticking to their fur or a scarcity of contemporary litter of their field. Both method, they’ll want your assist to deal with the trigger and to maintain them contemporary.


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Last Ideas on Why My Cat All of the sudden Smells Dangerous

Nobody desires a pungent roommate, so it may be disagreeable when your cat smells unhealthy. It’s not solely disruptive to your nostril, however it could even be a symptom of a extra vital difficulty that might trigger your pet ache.

Should you discover uncommon cat odors, it’s a immediate for additional investigation. Normally, it’s one thing as innocent as your cat stepping in or enjoying with one thing nasty. However, if it wants a deeper look, you possibly can by no means go fallacious with a visit to the vet.

This is likely to be the distinction between life-altering and lifesaving.

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